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When I was a kid, I learned of Judo’s flaws for self-defense from personal experience. I had studied Judo for a few years under Norm Miller in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1979, I placed third in the Mid West Judo tournament in Chicago. A few months after, I had a fight with the neighborhood bully. The bully had some knowledge of boxing and wrestling. I was 10 years old and the bully was almost 13 years old. During the fight, the bully repeatedly punched me in the face. In Judo, you’re not taught to guard the face because there are no strikes in competition. Also, I didn’t throw a single punch. I didn’t know how. I was able to grab the bullies hands, he was only wearing a t-shirt and not a judo uniform, and I tried a throw which failed. It all ended when the bully struck me on the nose, the blood started flowing. It was over.

Judo is a sport. The object is to completely throw your opponent in the air. You can win by submission or a 30 second pin. It is true a good throw can cause a lot of damage; however, I wasn’t able to throw the bully. I had trouble just grappling since he wasn’t wearing a Judo uniform. In Judo, you aren’t taught to protect your face from strikes. Also, in Judo, you’re not taught to strike.

Combat Jiu Jitsu, the one I am learning, is far better for self-defense. In Combat Jiu Jitsu, you are taught the following which Judo does not teach: 1) use of hands for blocking punches 2) strikes with fore arms, slaps, palm, and elbow 3) The Pizon, a side kick 4) how to fight a opponent that is wearing a t-shirt or no shirt at all, and 5) how to safely clinch. As far as my knowledge, the above five are not a part of the sport of Judo

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Last night, I received my Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt.  First and foremost, all the praise and glory goes to God.  From the human side, it was an honor to be in the presence of Dr. Pedro Valente, 9th level red belt, and Royce Grace, jiu jitsu legend, Gui Valente, Pedro Valente, Jaquim Valente, and Jimmy. It was a special night. It was the perfect way to start the new blue belt journey.

Leaving white belt behind, I have personal gain.  Now, I can do twenty  push ups and twenty situps immediately.  Before I started, I couldn’t do three.  In eight months, I lost 12 pounds but not from exercise.  I started eating home-made soups with five fresh or frozen  organic vegetables and miso paste.  I would blend it in an industrial sized blender.  I was stiff, still a little bit now , but my flexibility is returning.  I feel like I have slowed down the aging process.  I am less aggressive. I am much more willing to talk.  I really don’t like violence.

I will give you all my game plan for my blue belt training in a few days.  My blog will be like a living diary in how Jiu Jitsu influence my daily life.

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