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Lately, my enthusiasm for Jiu Jitsu is up and down. I guess I could use some encouragement. I will keep pushing through. I want to go, and I don’t want to go.

What is my problem? Injuries and people that want to cause injury. Flashback. What I liked about judo was that it was just friendly competition, and we all tried to make each other better. From the movie, 100 years of Judo, I learned that Judo is really a weak form of Jiu Jitsu where the harmful things were removed by Jigaro Kano, the creator of judo, so as to allow everyone in Japan to practice. Judo is a national pass time in Japan. The ending remarks in the “100 Years of judo”, from Master Jigaro Kano,the ultimate goal of judo is to develop fine people.

Before, I would attend class like I was going to a gym, which was the wrong mind set. Since that incident, the attempted broken ankle, I’m now training with a driven intensity, like a fire that was lit inside of me, or training for an important wrestling match against a rival school. I started weight lifting with purpose. I’m working on power and speed. Instead of losing weight, I want to put weight on. I know I should focus on technique but having size and strength is an advantage, but I realize with a loss of flexibility.

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foot sprainOn Thursday, I took the advanced grappling class.  At first, it was not easy to follow, but by the end of class, I was starting to make sense of lesson. I should note that I had a good partner.

Right after the advanced grappling class is the throwing class.  I stayed for the throwing class because I was talked into it. Long story short, the person I was training with had to leave so I paired up with two black belts.  We did a throwing drill, seoi nage.  The drill took three people, the person executing the throw, the person being thrown, and the third guy holding the practice partner.  When it was my turn to hold the throwing person, I lost my grip and they came falling down.  I am not clear on how it happened.  One of them fell on my ankle, all 200 lbs.  When it happened, I thought my ankle was broken but ended up with a bad sprain.   Despite all this, I feel lucky and I am looking forward to intense training.

I started watching a show, Falling Skies, space alien invasion series.  It’s good.  Check it out. In my opinion, on the same level as The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.

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This week completes one year as a blue belt.  I have two stripes. I need two more and the approval of the instructors for purple belt, hopefully, I would get it at the next Winter Ceremony.

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Once again the ancient tradition continues. Like so many times before, thousands and thousands of years, the recognition of the transfer of knowledge from master to student occurred last night. This tradition stretches back thousands of years and many continents.

Same as last year, it was another great Winter Belt Ceremony at Valente Brothers; however, this year was a little different. Royce Gracie brought four or more brown belts from his academy. Royce had his brown belt students black belt tested at Valente Headquarters and those that passed received their black belts at the ceremony. After the belts were given out, the Mayor of North Miami Beach, whom is a purple belt, gave the Valentes brothers the key to the city for their help with the armed forces, law enforcement, and the betterment of its citizens through jiu jitsu training.

Pedro and Gui gave their speeches on jiu jitsu and its healthy lifestyle. The best speech was from Dr. Valente. As Pedro translated the email letter, the room became completely silent. Master Dr. Pedro Valente, red belt, could not make the trip this year but he emailed his speech and watched the ceremony via web cam. This is what I understood. The Valente Brothers Academy is comparable to the best universities in the United States. We are very fortunate to have this place and to have access to the teachings. Getting a diploma from Valente brothers is like getting a diploma from Havard, Yale, and MIT.

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On Monday, December 10, 2012, is the winter belt ceremony. For me, this will complete one year as a blue belt. Last year’s ceremony had some great speeches by Pedro and Gui, and appearances of special guests, Dr Pedro Valente, red belt, and Royce Gracie. I was impressed by the lives of the brown belt students that became black belts, a fireman, ex New York cop, and a guy that started out in the youth program. I am hoping to re-energize myself from the ceremony for my goal of obtaining Purple belt.
Soon, I will put together a list of goals for 2013. I will go over last years list to see how I did.

On Sunday, I tried a 24 hour fast. I never did that before. I ate my normal breakfast and that was it until the next morning breakfast. It went well. I look forward to doing it again in January. I haven’t tried the two-week Gracie Diet as per the book yet. I am planning to re read the book to get what I may have missed the first time. So far, I have been good-by not snacking between meals. I have exchanged energy drinks for coconut water. I have given up desert unless it is a birthday.

As I stated in the last few posts, I am allowing my shoulder to fully heal. That requires rest and strengthening exercise. I will be good to go in January.

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