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This week,  I completed three years of jiu jitsu study.  Unfortunately, I didn’t attend any class.  I had things to take care of and then mid week my car broke down.  I took the car to a mechanic..  Too many excuses.

I did take time to read about anger and start practicing what I am writing.  Basically, the goal of living anger free  is to move thinking away from selfish concerns and pick up on our natural state to wish good things for ourselves and for others.  It is possible that all human beings were  born in this natural state but life circumstance changed that state. With determination and persistence, it is possible to move our attention away from clinging to anger, hatred, ill will and towards the part of our mind that knows we all want  to be happy. It is also important to remind  ourselves that sincerely wishing for the best possible circumstances and outcomes for everyone is a better place for our attention to be.

Actions have consequences, good ones and bad ones. If we come to understand, we can minimize creating a life disappointment and increase our joy.  My responses are my actions. My choice of what to do.  The action I choice will follow me. If I live in resentment, or if I do an act of kindness, these become causes for future events and states of mind.  The action we choice are the only things we have a choice in.

Say the following for 28 days.  Picture and name the person that is causing the pain while reciting the following:

” May I be well, May I be happy. May I be free from harm and suffering. May all of my good purposes be fulfilled.”

” May { specific person } be well, may she/he be happy   May she/he be free from harm and suffering. May all of her/his good purposes be fulfilled.”

” May all beings be well.   May they be happy. May they be free from harm and suffering. May all their good purposes be fulfilled. “

If you keep at it, you can liberate yourself.  The path in the right direction.

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This week in advanced grappling, we worked on defense  from the guard.  Not escaping.  Submission wasn’t even covered yet.  During training I had a thought to myself.   During a fight, you have to be able to take a punch, it’s not realistic to think that couldn’t happen.  I didn’t mean engaging in give and take fighting.  A mistake and a strike gets through the defense.  More importantly, how to recover quickly and keep the defense up.

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This week in advanced grappling, we worked on defense from a fist attack while being low mounted and a defensive head lock.

Without escaping, we trained to remain calm in the uncomfortable position for the purpose of defense.  Most untrained fighters think defense came mostly from arm blocks of the fist strikes while on the back; however, that would not be completely correct.   Defense, while low mounted, was mainly with the hip which would  raise into a bridge, the Upa defense.   Remember, during the upa defense, once the hip was up, the hip stayed up. We worked on two drills: trapping the striking opponents arms behind the attackers back,  and a head lock.

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Just because we study Jiu Jitsu, we are invincible – false!!! wrong!!!!!! What we have is a false sense of security. There are a lot of tough people walking around that can do a lot of harm.. . It is not about winning, it’s about surviving.

Don’t engage in give and take fighting. Sporting events encourages this for entertainment. Stay out of range. Frustrate the aggressor who wants the give and take fighting..

Wait for the attacker to come. as they step in, crash in or step out of range. Arms length fist to fist distance.

BJJ self-defense against a boxer is crashing in. Defense is not with the arms and legs, blocking, it’s with the feet. One foot back or one foot forward.  To be able to move quickly, be on the balls of the feet. Be able to move back and forth with ease. Move in 90 degree angles. Strong leg 1st. Practice this. Ready to use the side kick..  If you are doing a mirror image of the attacker, always step wide then adjust. Arms close. See through hands. Chin down. shoulder slightly turned, and Don’t shrug when chin is done..

Decide right now, if you need to fight, you will. Stay out of trouble even if a person says something stupid. When the line is crossed, defend. Don’t debate in the moment. Don’t try to figure it all out while under attack.

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