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Friday Night Jiu Jitsu Philosophy Talks Are now Being Broadcast via Facebook. 
Jiu Jitsu Philosophy talks are being shown on Facebook. In order to view, sign up for Facebook. Search for Valente Brothers. Like and follow. Broadcasts are through the Facebook app on Fridays at 8:00 pm. , Eastern Standard Time.

Also, another good resource of information about Jiu Jitsu philosophy  can be found on the Valente Brothers YouTube channel. 

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This week in fundamentals, we reviewed head lock defense with punch defense into a kimura. It was when an attacker grabbed the victim in a head lock. The other arm of the attacker would throw punches while the victim was in a standing head lock. The first step was to connect hip to hip with a strong posture. The next move was to block the attackers fist strike arm. There was a few more steps. The key detail was to hold the kimura grip tight and step out with the inside leg to finish the move.

I went to sparring. Back to back week.  It went well except for one match that chewed up my body. Fyi, next month, I will be turning 47.  Sometimes I felt a lot younger than I was and this guy thought full speed was okay.  It felt good but risky.  He had 15 to 20 pounds over me and athletic.  He didn’t have an easy time tapping me out. I didn’t tap him out but was able to pin him. My mind went blank. I could get the pin but wasn’t able to work a choke or an arm bar.

Later on at home was when I saw the price, just before showering,  bruises, scratches, pulled muscle,  neck, and the nagging.  I heard a guy, 22, ” I will be back in the evening for the evening sparring class. ” He could do that because of his youth and fitness level. I spent the weekend taking it easy, trying to heal up.




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This week in fundamental’s class on Monday, we reviewed the wall pin, knife defense to the heart area, Kimora from side mount. I realized mistakes made in timing such as in the wall pin and knife attack defense.

The wall pin. The attacker has the victim pinned on the wall by the shoulders. We were told to think of a Tug of war. When pinned, we were taught to push forward so that the aggressor would push back. When the aggressor pushes with a lot of force back, sliding on the wall was easier which helped execute the technique. Before, I wasn’t doing the setup very well.

Note to reader, never engage a person with a knife. If you could safely run away, run away. Any mistake could result in death or a bad injury.

Knife attack to heart defense. In being anxious, I had skipped a step from previous classes. After the knife hand was caught, the next part was securing the elbow. I wasn’t doing that. Being anxious, I wasn’t securing the elbow and going into a sloppy Kimora. A Kimora was a joint lock technique to dislocate or rupture an attacker’s shoulder. Without securing the elbow, the technique wasn’t very effective.

After reviewing the technique, step by step, I realized that once the knife hand was caught, I had a second to reach out to grab the elbow, I needed to slow down to make the grab, and execute the Kimora.

Kimora from side mount. Before the class, I didn’t have the background story. The aggressor was just thrown and your unable to get full mount, but end up in side mount. The professor demonstrated the technique starting from standing into a throw. The professor looked like he was smothering a fire with his body on the aggressor to secure the side mount pin. I thought that to be very effective and should be done like that after a throw. Pinned. Controlled. Patience. If the opponent used the arm to strike or push. If the arm was in the Kimora position. An L. Secure the arm in the Kimora lock. Scissor. Put leg over head. Lift. If not, don’t force any move.


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This week in fundamentals, we learned the forward roll, side mount to full mount, guillotine choke defense #1, and defense against being choke while pinned against a wall.

Reference the forward roll, it took time to learn and required practice. I was trying to explain to a white belt but then a brown belt took over.  I tried to break it into steps. 1) one leg steps forward. 2) the opposite arm, hand touches the mat parallel to the front stepping foot but body width apart. 3) once the arm and leg were lined up on the mat, the other arm shot under the arm pit 4) roll over the shoulder. This part of class ended before the white belt had mastered any of it.

The side mount to full mount.  Great move. I emphasized to the white belt in using body weight against an opponent. ” Cien kilos.

Reference the guillotine defense # 1, I didn’t understand this until the third time it was taught.  An important point to remember was that the guillotine choke defense #1 has to be executed immediately.  Once the attacker wrapped the arm around the neck and BEFORE the hips came forward, that was the window of opportunity. If the hips came forward, it was too late for that defense, then one would have to move on to guillotine choke defense #2.


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Just because we study Jiu Jitsu, we are invincible – false!!! wrong!!!!!! What we have is a false sense of security. There are a lot of tough people walking around that can do a lot of harm.. . It is not about winning, it’s about surviving.

Don’t engage in give and take fighting. Sporting events encourages this for entertainment. Stay out of range. Frustrate the aggressor who wants the give and take fighting..

Wait for the attacker to come. as they step in, crash in or step out of range. Arms length fist to fist distance.

BJJ self-defense against a boxer is crashing in. Defense is not with the arms and legs, blocking, it’s with the feet. One foot back or one foot forward.  To be able to move quickly, be on the balls of the feet. Be able to move back and forth with ease. Move in 90 degree angles. Strong leg 1st. Practice this. Ready to use the side kick..  If you are doing a mirror image of the attacker, always step wide then adjust. Arms close. See through hands. Chin down. shoulder slightly turned, and Don’t shrug when chin is done..

Decide right now, if you need to fight, you will. Stay out of trouble even if a person says something stupid. When the line is crossed, defend. Don’t debate in the moment. Don’t try to figure it all out while under attack.

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boxing clinchHave you ever seen a heavy weight boxing match that goes into late rounds where two fighters clinch out of exhaustion?   After a few seconds, the audience would start to boo, a referee would separate the fighters, and then they would do the clinch a few more times.    Sometimes a fighter would get a second wind and go onto a knock out, but more times than not, the win would be called by a judge.  Boxer clinching occurs often in a street fight; thus, the technique of Esqrima  was reviewed this week.

Esgrima means in Portuguese,  fencing.  This was when two fighters were in the clinch,  one arm over over the opponet’s arm grabbing the back of the bicep, and the other through the arm pit grabbing the back of the shoulder tightly.   If the opponent escaped the clinch, there was danger of an elbow strike.  The head should be tight to the opponent’s shoulder.   Esgrima was a drill when two fighters switch position from shoulder to opposite shoulder without losing position hence the analogy of fencing, back and forth.  We practiced switching sides three times then attempted a cinturada, a throw.  The key, was when the opponent’s shoulder holding arm was not held tight.  This would allow the shoulder hand to easily slip down to the lower back and grap the top of the bicip holding hand, then with the head, over the heart area, presses into the chest while pulling.  This would cause the opponet to fall to the floor.  If the opponent hikes the hips out, then Osto Gari, lift one leg and turn.

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Dealing with an angry person; especially, when they are larger than you and yelling, can be intimidating.  Also, to approach the angry person requires courage and readiness to act.  This week, we learned strategies in dealing with these types of people, fundamental lesson 10, pre fight strategy.

In everyday life, the most crazy things can set people off,  ” You parked in my parking space!!!”, ” Why are you looking at my girlfriend???”, ” You cut me off *&(&@!$%!!  Sometime you have to protect someone, your kids, and have to approach the angry person.  The goal of the pre fight would be to position yourself in the most advantageous position for self defense.

Legally, it is important not touch the angry person.  Touching a stranger without justification could put the blame on you if a fight occurs.  Don’t make a fist, this may justify an attack on you.  An angry person’s insults doesn’t give you a right to attack; however, if they use death threats maybe you have a right to defend.   If police show up, a fight could become a court case.  It’s okay to tell the angry person, ” I don’t want to fight.” just to cover yourself in front of others, witnesses.

Does this angry person have a concealed weapon?  This angry person could have a gun or a knife.   The Stand Your Ground, Travyon Verses Zimmerman case  should have been a gun debate.  No gun, no dead Trayvon Martin.

Steps.  Go and talk to the angry person.   Make eye contact.  Stay calm.  Speak clearly what you want.  Don’t use any insults.  Always, the hands are up as if your praying but open and palms facing the opponent.   The distance should be around two feet away.  Be prepared to block the right or left hook. Be prepared to act.

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helio challenge throw 2013As I was reviewing advanced moves with a four striped white belt, he told me that he learned a new throw, without any thought, quick speed, and to my complete surprise, I was fully in the air and then crashing on to the mat. As taught, I slapped the mat at the right time. Got up and moved on to another technique.

Getting a good throw feels good, but getting thrown hard and getting up uninjured was a thrill.

This week, in the advanced class, I let myself get thrown five times so as to practice break fall techniques.

Disclaimer, I don’t recommend anyone to be thrown without FULLY knowing how to break a fall.

New students should be tested before taking the throwing class. An instructor should make a new student before class show them a standing side fall, forward, and back break fall.

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This week, we reviewed the closed guard. While the attacker is in the closed guard, it is very difficult to be knocked out, or passed into a side or full mount. The closed guard is mostly a defensive move. However, in a street fight or mma, you could strike the ear. The technique is as follows: start on back, one hand holds the back of the neck and the other arm wraps around outside the bicep, the wrapping arm hand can grab the opponents inside collar. Tuck head in. Legs are locked around the opponents waist/lower back.

While in the guard, you could defend against strikes. However, the main objective is defense and to burn the attackers energy as much as possible.

The higher the belt rank the more they are thinking on passing the guard. It is not a good idea to allow any opponent to remain postured up while your legs are locked for too long. As a jiu jitsu player, How do I break posture and get them into the closed guard? So, the objective is to break posture. Grab the top of the hands quickly, with power pull the hands apart while PULLING down with the legs into the closed guard. Basically grip fighting.

If the opponent stacks you while the legs are locked, swim the arms, and put the attacker in the closed guard.


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2nd Stripe and 2012 The Gracie Tournament Experience

The Tournament was mostly higher belts and no white belts.  This tournament  has some similarities to kata, but more practical in regards to immediate self-defense.  There were half as many people from the year before. With higher belts, it means harder competition.  No one from last year made it into the third round except for a youth contestant.  No one was able do the Haymaker defense correctly.   A purple belt won the event.

First off, I had a great time; even though I failed in my goal to get past the 1st round, but I did get another stripe.  Sadly, with my second stripe, I can visibly see the passing of time.

As per my January goals, I wanted to make it into the second round. I think I was close.  Unfortunately, they don’t give out the evaluation; however,  I will request  feed back. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Before the match, purple belt, Robert, gave some quick tips.  Take your time in the move.  This would allow me to be more thoughtful in the all the details.  Make sure not to throw anyone which would be an automatic point deduction.  On the other hand, Oggie, another purple belt I trained with, went full speed.  Oggie made it into the third round.  Some of the black belt judges were the guys that had taught us the techniques.

Final message, Pedro and Gui both emphasized the importance of not changing the self-defense teachings of Master Helio Gracie.  This means by not changing the teachings of Helio, Helio Gracie Jiu Jitsu will be preserved for the next generation.  I couldn’t agree more.

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