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Friday Night Jiu Jitsu Philosophy Talks Are now Being Broadcast via Facebook. 
Jiu Jitsu Philosophy talks are being shown on Facebook. In order to view, sign up for Facebook. Search for Valente Brothers. Like and follow. Broadcasts are through the Facebook app on Fridays at 8:00 pm. , Eastern Standard Time.

Also, another good resource of information about Jiu Jitsu philosophy  can be found on the Valente Brothers YouTube channel. 


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Hi,  the saga continues. Check out the new site,  Miami Purple Belt Blog.

The web address is


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Cleanliness matters. Clean mats, clean floors, clean bathrooms, clean locker room. As per above, Cleanliness has been the experience every time at the dojo.

Cleanliness of the self. Clean body. Clean kimono, clean mind, no bad language. No music. No thoughts of violence. Friendliness. Kindness. Respect.

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This last stripe marked the last stage of the blue belt journey before the next stage of the Gracie Black Belt experience, Purple belt.   Right afterwards, a brown belt, told me that I needed to step it up on everything.  I agreed.  As of right now, I needed to get in a lot more classes..   I had been doing a lot of technique class and less with the practical, sparring and advanced techniques class.  I hope to get in a lot more time with sparring in the next six months.

This week in advance grappling, I learned advanced pinning techniques from the mount.  When I wrestled in high school, the coach always told us to have body on body.  Use your body weight to pin the opponent.  Well, I learned to use my hips more. I also learned my lower back was very weak and not very flexible.  However, I am confident that my lower back can be fixed just like my shoulder injury but it will take time at the yoga studio.  One thing I like about  Jiu jitsu is that it is forcing me to look at my aging body and do something about it.  Another technique was to drive the shoulder, from the mount, into the face of the opponent and pin their face on the mat.  This would make it very difficult for the opponent to move much less bridge to the other side.  I have been forgetting to do this

One thing that I need to practice more is tightening up the neck and chin down to slow down a choke attack. In fact,  if anyone goes near your neck for a choke, tightening of the neck and chin down, should be automatic..  I always try to put the chin to my chest if I know the choke is happening, judo technique from the 70s that I learned, but the neck tightening is new and difficult to do.  I didn’t learn that.  You don’t shrug the shoulders while tightening the neck. .  I haven’t fully mastered the technique.

Perhaps some of you have noticed my weight loss.  Three weeks ago, I went on a super intense fast.   I went without eating for five days. I would drink lemon water with  maple syrup, or coconut water, whenever I got super hungry. In the mornings,  I would do a  salt water flush.  Another thing I did was work out.   I would work out and acted like I had eaten a big meal.  I did lose 10 1/2 pounds.   When the body couldn’t  get energy from food, glucose,  sugar, it would  switch to energy from fat, ketones.  This ketone energy helped mankind survive famine or days without food.  The fat conversion to ketone energy process will happen if you don’t eat after 14 to 16  hours.  The human body can go without eating for 30 days or more.  It will consume the fat before it will consume the muscle.   I wasn’t going to take the diet that far where it would damage muscles.. I don’t recommend this to anyone and it may not be safe.

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This week in advance grappling class, we worked on sweeps from the guard.   There were four sweeps we worked on, all from fundamentals:

1) Scissor Sweep.  when opponent posture’s up.

2) Elevator Sweep,  when opponent posts a leg

3) Guard Turnover, I don’t remember the opponents position.

4) Fall back from the guard, when the opponent escapes the guard to a standing position.

As far as drills, we would take turns being the opponent and make various positions to escape and the person doing the guard would use the appropriate sweep. Then we worked on combinations of sweeps with chokes and fakes with sweeps/choke attacks.

Because of a lower back injury, I have been taking it easy.  It’s a dull nagging pain which I feel every time I walk,  when I roll over in bed, or get out of bed.   Last week I aggravated it when I was paired up with a guy more than 110 lbs my body weight.  I guess I was the closest guy to in weight and height on that day.

I am turning 45 next month.  I noticed that I have lost some muscle mass.   I have been looking at Ensure since they claim that they have a formula to regrow lost muscle tissue.  I may give it a try.   Grey hair is coming in. New wrinkles.  When your in your twenties and thirties, the idea of death doesn’t even enter the mind but when you hit forty, the idea of death enters the mind. The day will arrive.

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Jiu jitsu doesn’t just train the body, it also trains the mind.   Training the mind takes many years of consistent practice.

Last Friday, Pedro jr. talked about the mental states of a true warrior,  equanimity, alertness, and readiness.

Equanimity means mental calmness under stress.  Equanimity also means maintaining mental stability, not over celebrating, nor be overcome with grief; ideally in the center.  If the mind entered an extreme emotion, the mind should quickly try to get back to center.   A palm tree, flexible in a hurricane.

Alertness.  In my own words, perception of reality, freeing the mind of chatter and distraction.   Clearly observing the opponent in front of you.  Observing the environment your in.  In an attack situation, being able to evaluating the options based upon immediate observation.  Sparring, knowledging what the arms and legs are doing.

Readiness. Train.Train..Train… Repetition equals muscle memory.

There are ways outside of jiu jitsu where you can improve your mental states.  Equanimity,  alertness, and readiness can be developed by consistent yoga practice.  Yoga means union of the mind and body.   Finding the right yoga studio is a problem.  Stay away from big gyms that treat yoga like an aerobics class. That I don’t recommend.   I recommend the study of the eight levels of yoga called The Eight Limbs. If the yoga studio never heard of this, eight limbs, don’t return. Find another place. Meditation classes can also be helpful to jiu jitsu students.  Finding a good meditation teacher isn’t easy as well. I recommend the study of the Eight Fold Path of Buddha. It’s really scientific and not religious. It’s similar to the eight limbs. Neither the eight limbs nor the eight fold path will contradict your beliefs but improve it. I’m not going to give more information because it’s something you need to research and worthwhile. Maybe your ready or maybe not? Take the time to see for yourself.

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October 8, 2013. Miami Herald

” The stand your ground law was criticized after Zimmerman fatally shot 17-year-old Martin in the Orlando suburb of Sanford. Zimmerman, who claimed he was defending himself, was acquitted of second-degree murder in July. Days later protesters demanding changes to the stand your ground law began a 31-day sit-in at the Capitol.

Smith voted against the 2005 bill that created the law, and said that he still believes people should be required to retreat first, if possible, before using force against an attacker. But he said he worked with Simmons on areas where they can agree. Both senators attended hearings around the state to discuss the law.

“As we discussed stand your ground, we found that we have a lot of common ground,” Smith said. “We found that we agreed way more than we disagreed.”

Simmons said he wanted the bill to also clarify a provision of that law that states it doesn’t apply in cases where illegal activity is occurring. Simmons says that the language is intended to keep drug dealers or others committing crimes from using the defense, but some people are interpreting it too broadly.

That includes the argument that parking violations are illegal, or that immigrants that entered the country illegally should not be able to use the stand your ground defense, Simmons said, adding that immigration status shouldn’t be a factor in self-defense cases.”

• This article is from the Miami Herald dated October 8, 2013. For purpose of education and information only.

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