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Physical Body:
184 lbs, now 162 lbs
Before. tight, rigid body, now, because of stretching routine, becoming much more flexible.

Lifestyle Changes:
Last alcoholic beverage: April 18, 2013
Slowly converting to vegetarian. Not completely following Gracie Diet but desiring that goal.

Mental State:
More in control of emotions.  Developing Equanimity.


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Two weeks away, the Summer Belt Ceremony. I have four stripes on the blue belt. However, the wife and kids are begging me to go on family vacation and miss it. The wife has been in poor health lately. Not being at the belt ceremony could delay obtaining the purple another six months. Either way, I will start training like a purple belt after the ceremony.

If you asked me, ” Do you think that your ready?” I would say that I’m ready to take up a new challenge, purple. I’m okay with wearing a bigger bull eyes, rising up to higher expectations, and focusing more on advanced course work. Of course, the professors could have differences of opinions. There is no guarantee that I will get the belt this round.

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Here is a video that I believe is safe for the back and strengthens the ab muscles which we use a lot in Jiu Jitsu.


I recommend only doing one set and adding a set each week. Three times a week.

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This week in advanced grappling we worked on defense while being held in side mount. I worked out with a white belt, whose really a brown belt in judo from the late to early 1980’s.

We learned a technique on how to position our hands to prevent being choked. This self-defense method was to stop the attacker from grabbing the collar and or the lapel in order to execute a choke. Neither of us had learned this defense in judo.  While learning judo as a kid in the late 70s, I was told simply to grab the attackers hands while ground fighting and to tuck the chin to chest when about to be choked.  Nothing about tightening the neck. The hand grab technique seemed just to slow down the attacker while the other method,much better, was a step ahead by not allowing the attacker to get the hands in for the choke.


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This week in fundamentals, taught by Pedro Valente Jr, we learned a sequences starting with a defense against an open double collar grab, a throw, knee on belly, arm lock, full mount, and ended with a thumb down collar choke. I had missed a detail on the arm lock from knee on belly which I then learned.

After the instruction, the class watched a YouTube video of Rorion Gracie executing the collar choke on an aikido instructor, the one we just learned. Rorion Gracie defeated the instructor three times all with the same choke. I had seen this video a few times; however, this time the details, the Jiu Jitsu technique, was more apparent. The video made a lot of sense.


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