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This week in advanced grappling taught by Professor Pedro Jr., we worked on a few passes from the half guard. The passes were easy to understand and to execute.

In class, we watched a judo match where a guy won on a thirty-second pin.  There was brief talk about how the sport of judo has changed over the years from 1981 to now. If I understood right,  I think the 30 second pin had been eliminated.  There seems to be a trend to more throwing and less ground battles.  The truth,  I want to remember  judo the way I learned it back in the late 70’s.  Judo of today and Judo of 35 years ago, not the same.   Will that happen to sports jiu jitsu?  

The throwing class was good; however, I over did it.  I will have to alternate weeks, one throwing and the other sparring.  To hard on my body to do both. Another thing I noticed was that my practice partner in the throwing class, a blue belt two stripes, never slapped to break his fall.  He told me not to worry about it.

Royler Gracie had taught a class on Saturday.   I wasn’t able to attend.

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On Friday, before and after fundamentals class, there was a lot of gossip on the mat and locker room about an injury that occurred on Thursday evening sparring. Apparently, word travels quickly, a South Beach bouncer heard about the injury at work. He was asking others what happened and to whom. I didn’t recognize the people involved nor do I have all the details. Blue belt and a purple belt. Someone’s knee was caved in. The South Beach bouncer, from the details,  believed the injury was caused during a throw. The injury was to the thrower because he tried to hold the person being thrown, to soften the fall; however, the opponent landed on his knee while his leg was straight and standing. Throwing rule violation, never hold a person, for the purpose of cushioning the fall, after the throw has been executed. Once the opponent was thrown in the air, it was up to them to break the fall. You could throw with less power.

Best training review so far was on Friday when I reviewed the nine pins. I think I have the nine pins down. Here are the moves.

Review nine pins

1) Mounted
2) Shoulder left side from the mount
3) Shoulder right side from the mount
4) Side mount
5) Side mount scissor towards legs
6) Side mount scissor towards head
7) Modified side mount, knee on hip
8) knee on belly, leg out
9) North / South

Longevity, I stopped taking supplements because of severe stomach pain.  I believe the omega three pills spoiled. One of the pills is making me sick. I am beginning to think the supplements from Costco aren’t worth it. The truth is ” you get what you pay for.” I should try to return them. Aspirin can also cause stomach bleeding. Supplements may need some refrigeration. I am full stop on the supplements.

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Tuesday, we worked on the half guard from the bottom. It was a good class. At the end of class, Professor Pedro brought to the attention of the class that if we missed a lesson or didn’t get it, the lessons will repeat in other classes during the week. That is good to know. In the future, I may take the same class three times in the same week if I think it is important enough. We did work on hand position from the side to the guard but not as much as I would have liked. I am looking for a solution for my weak guard. Everytime I had someone in the guard during sparring, I get passed. I would like to improve my guard. So, what makes a good guard? What should I look out for? How do I stop a pass? The focus of my sparring is purely defense. I don’t care if I submit anyone at this point. Right after Tuesdays class, I started feeling the effects of the flu.

This week, I ran into my friend that brought me to Gracie Jiu Jitsu. He had stopped training about seven months ago because of a shoulder injury, which needed surgery. It is a fact, injuries are going to happen during your study of jiu jitsu, and sometimes outside of jiu jitsu, a car accident for example. The question will be how are you going to handle your injury and will you come back? Injuries should always be avoid while sparring; however, I am thankful to the guy that injuried my shoulder which was in the advanced grappling class. I hated yoga before. My wife would try to get me to go for the last ten years, and I wouldn’t. That all changed with my shoulder injury. I became a believer of Iyengar Yoga when my shoulder became healed. Yoga also helped in fixing my back. I had terrible posture and now not so bad. I do jiu jitsu three times a week and yoga two times. I am able to let go of anger and forgive without expecting any apology.

When you practice jiu jitsu you have to play SMART! Follow some self rules.

1) Tap..Tap often. Jiu Jitsu is a mind game not a power game.

2) Don’t go full speed unless you talk it out with your sparring parnter. Note, some students want full speed.

3) Beware the dojo drifter. A guy you never seen before wearing a rented gi with white belt who is there for sparring only.

4) Choose your partner before class starts. Someone you know is good.

5) Warm up with a few push ups and do light stretching before class, a must. Coming in cold is just asking for trouble.

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Hectic week. It was the end of the school year in Florida. Unfortunately, my family obligations interferred with my jiu jitsu studies and plans.  First of all, congradulations to all that were promoted. I regret not being present at the Summer Belt Ceremony on Monday.

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