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On Friday, before and after fundamentals class, there was a lot of gossip on the mat and locker room about an injury that occurred on Thursday evening sparring. Apparently, word travels quickly, a South Beach bouncer heard about the injury at work. He was asking others what happened and to whom. I didn’t recognize the people involved nor do I have all the details. Blue belt and a purple belt. Someone’s knee was caved in. The South Beach bouncer, from the details,  believed the injury was caused during a throw. The injury was to the thrower because he tried to hold the person being thrown, to soften the fall; however, the opponent landed on his knee while his leg was straight and standing. Throwing rule violation, never hold a person, for the purpose of cushioning the fall, after the throw has been executed. Once the opponent was thrown in the air, it was up to them to break the fall. You could throw with less power.

Best training review so far was on Friday when I reviewed the nine pins. I think I have the nine pins down. Here are the moves.

Review nine pins

1) Mounted
2) Shoulder left side from the mount
3) Shoulder right side from the mount
4) Side mount
5) Side mount scissor towards legs
6) Side mount scissor towards head
7) Modified side mount, knee on hip
8) knee on belly, leg out
9) North / South

Longevity, I stopped taking supplements because of severe stomach pain.  I believe the omega three pills spoiled. One of the pills is making me sick. I am beginning to think the supplements from Costco aren’t worth it. The truth is ” you get what you pay for.” I should try to return them. Aspirin can also cause stomach bleeding. Supplements may need some refrigeration. I am full stop on the supplements.

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