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Turning the back is a very bad defense in a street fight. Giving the back is a common practice in wrestling, sports Jiu Jitsu, and judo. The spine is completely exposed to strikes. If you drill in training to turn the back, turtle, then that may happen in an attack. You can’t easily decide not to turn the back in a situation where your reacting because the way you train will be how you defend yourself in an attack.


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A survival skill worth learning and is part of the Gracie Jiu Jitsu training of self defense is to not take things personally. Its a skill that takes practice and patience under stress.  To not take things personal means to not accept other peoples’s destructive comments, bad attitude, bad actions, bad judgement or horrible choices that affect how you feel about yourself or your life, even if they are a personal and straightforward attack. It is possible to not accept a direct and personal attack.

When another person speaks with anger, hate, and bitterness at you, don’t allow the attack to attach itself in your mind. You do not need to verbally defend yourself because the offensive speech is only an illusion, a lie.  Know one has a Right, legal justification, to harm someone because of bad speech or speech you disagree with. Since the hostile speech is for the purpose of causing harm and a lie, there is no need to defend. The atttacker’s goal is cause you to lose logical thinking and to act impulsively. 

When dealing with an angry person: 

Be professional, meaning don’t get emotional..

Focus on what you want or need.

Don’t respond back with an insult.

Don’t threaten violence back.

Never turn your back.

Try to remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible.

Make it a way of life, a life dedicated to solving conflict non violently. Bring the fight to the mat.


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Have you ever observed other peoples posture at Jiu Jitsu? I have noticed. Some good, fair, and bad. Bad posture will eventually cause back pain. It can be corrected.

Take a look at the picture of the guy in the blue shirt? Which posture do you have? Unfortunately, I have thoracic kyphosis but I am doing something about it. Hopefully you have good posture. Posture is important because it will prevent unnecessary back pain as you age and improve health.

Slouching stresses the spine in a way that is not natural. Rounded shoulders is bad for the back and can restrict lung capacity. It is caused by weak muscles in the back.

Sitting in a chair is the same as standing but without legs. The spine is straight not slouching.

If there is any doubt, I’m not doctor and recommend getting diagnosed by a professional.


Great article on how to develop good posture.



… You don’t have to be this guy!!!


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As I age, I realize that I can’t rely on power for much longer. Reliance needs to be on technique and mental clarity.

For the last couple of years, I would be able to handle three times a week but that fourth class, I would start feeling body aches. How can I increase training? I read on an MMA blog where they wrote about pacing themselves so they can train longer. I will test the pacing theory when I get back.

In the meantime, I’m working on flexibility, light cardio, push-ups and sit-ups. Breathing exercise, 10 breaths, in 15 secs, hold 15 sec, exhale 17 secs.

Glucosamine, joint health
Fish oil
Cayenne pepper pills, 40,000
Brazil nut, magnesium

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