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This week I learned again the Single Collar Grab Defense.

What is the Single Collar Grab Defense?  First of all, this is when the attacker grabs the collar, or shirt, of a victim, but with their elbow bent.  The attacker’s other hand is ready to strike the victim.  This is a bully type attack.  The defense is almost a surprise.   As the attacker grabs the victim shirt, the victim steps wide and across the attacker  while grabbing the shirt grip hand and slapping up the elbow.  The victim’s elbow is tight to the body so that the attacker cannot push the arm down.   Once you step behind, keep hold of the elbow and twist the hand to the shoulder, It is a lot easier to demonstrate than write.

This lesson, when I first learned it,  was the beginning of an awareness that grabbing someone was a bad idea.  All people should be respected.   I started thinking differently about how to conduct myself if I were to become angry.  Grabbing someone is grounds for a fight and could lead to serious injury.

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This week we reviewed the standing foot lock.  I like foot attacks because these attacks are a surprise to most opponents,. It should be noted that this attack is banned in the MMA and sport jiu jitsu.

So what is the standing foot lock?  First of all,  the opponent is on their back with legs up in a defensive position called gungoha , in English, sea saw position.   The floor position is a defensive move so as to ward off being mounted and also one can kick the knee of an attacker. This is when you catch the foot of an opponent while standing. The foot is held  in a kimura grip close to the ankle and over the foot arch.  You look over the shoulder and twist  to break the foot.  It is important to pin down the opponents other leg with the knee so as not to get kicked.

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This week, we reviewed the closed guard. While the attacker is in the closed guard, it is very difficult to be knocked out, or passed into a side or full mount. The closed guard is mostly a defensive move. However, in a street fight or mma, you could strike the ear. The technique is as follows: start on back, one hand holds the back of the neck and the other arm wraps around outside the bicep, the wrapping arm hand can grab the opponents inside collar. Tuck head in. Legs are locked around the opponents waist/lower back.

While in the guard, you could defend against strikes. However, the main objective is defense and to burn the attackers energy as much as possible.

The higher the belt rank the more they are thinking on passing the guard. It is not a good idea to allow any opponent to remain postured up while your legs are locked for too long. As a jiu jitsu player, How do I break posture and get them into the closed guard? So, the objective is to break posture. Grab the top of the hands quickly, with power pull the hands apart while PULLING down with the legs into the closed guard. Basically grip fighting.

If the opponent stacks you while the legs are locked, swim the arms, and put the attacker in the closed guard.


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bjj SamuraiWhat is important is the goal, purple belt.  That is what I keep telling my self.  I miss a class or a week because of sickness, family, injury etc.  Organize my thoughts, heal up, fight back the fear, and get back on the path. Stop thinking. One step after the next.

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Fall back from the guard or pedalada?

A few weeks ago, I watched a video from Tosh.0, a comedy show, of a street fight between a kick boxer and a guy with no fight experience.  See link.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYSJWm90YQw    When ever I see a street fight on the news or else where, I like to look at the video to see how a jiu jitsu fighter would handle the attack.

We worked on the fall back from the guard this week, or another way of saying, how to throw an attacker back if they are standing over you.  As the practice attacker, a mistake I was making was standing too far back which would have made a real fall back from the guard difficult.  The attacker must be standing near the arm pits so that the ankles could be easily monkey gripped while the knees push forward on the attackers body which would cause the attacker to fall back.

Back to the video, the inexperienced guy was kicked in the face and was laying in the road, he needed to get to the gungoha position, or in English, sea saw position, a defensive position while on the back.   However, the attacker was actively pursing the defender whom was slightly stunned.  At one point, the attacker looked like he was going to mount the defender but ended up standing over the fallen guy.  I don’t think a throw back from the guard was possible.  I think a jiu jitsu fighter would have tried multiple kicks to the groin/stomach, in bjj, it’s called a pedalada, and then would have try to get back on the feet.   Also, note, the attacker was holding the guy’s arm, there was a possibility of an arm bar.

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