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Fall back from the guard or pedalada?

A few weeks ago, I watched a video from Tosh.0, a comedy show, of a street fight between a kick boxer and a guy with no fight experience.  See link.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYSJWm90YQw    When ever I see a street fight on the news or else where, I like to look at the video to see how a jiu jitsu fighter would handle the attack.

We worked on the fall back from the guard this week, or another way of saying, how to throw an attacker back if they are standing over you.  As the practice attacker, a mistake I was making was standing too far back which would have made a real fall back from the guard difficult.  The attacker must be standing near the arm pits so that the ankles could be easily monkey gripped while the knees push forward on the attackers body which would cause the attacker to fall back.

Back to the video, the inexperienced guy was kicked in the face and was laying in the road, he needed to get to the gungoha position, or in English, sea saw position, a defensive position while on the back.   However, the attacker was actively pursing the defender whom was slightly stunned.  At one point, the attacker looked like he was going to mount the defender but ended up standing over the fallen guy.  I don’t think a throw back from the guard was possible.  I think a jiu jitsu fighter would have tried multiple kicks to the groin/stomach, in bjj, it’s called a pedalada, and then would have try to get back on the feet.   Also, note, the attacker was holding the guy’s arm, there was a possibility of an arm bar.

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