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One of my goals for 2013 is to use science to improve my health. Even with a healthy diet, according to Dr. Oz, food today still lacks the mineral and vitamins of food grown 100 years because the soil has being depleted. Supplements are a low cost investment with big returns.

Below is what I take every day in addition to a healthy diet along with exercise.

Optimal Health

1) Multi Vitamin.
Product: Men’s Alive
2) Joint and Ligament
Product: Flexamin Double Strength. I will switch to Animal Flex, a better supplement, when my supplies run out.
3) Brain and Arteries
Product: 365 Wholefoods omega 3, fish oil with dha
4) Whey Protein
Product: Joe Robby Whey protein.

Longevity Health

Focus : heart, brain, and bone.

I obtained the below information from a medical doctor. I take these supplements daily as well.

1) Heart
Product: Hawthorne Berry Extract, Increase oxygen to the heart and repairs heart muscle.

2) Brain, protects memory cells
Product: vinopcetine

3) Bone, strengthens bone and repairs.
Product: calcium derived from plants. Not from rock.

I will up date the list in a few months if I add a new supplement or find a better product.

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I improved my choke techniques because I trained with a higher belt that really knows the teachings and better than I am. Training like this will improve my technique and sparring. I have to wear a collared shirt to cover up the scratch marks all over my neck. My family will start to complain if they see it.

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I had a flash back during Tuesday’s grappling class taught by Profesor Pedro. The wrestling coaches at my high school back in the late 80’s, Archbishop Spalding, Severn, Maryland, would constantly remind us, ” The person whom first achieved the takedown, usually won the match.” That was our mantra. From personal experience, it took a lot of energy to get the opponent to the mat by a takedown. It took a lot of energy to be on attack. Wrestling was physically exhausting. Three minutes seemed like an hour.

Once you got them to the mat, you had to hold them and prevent the escape. You worked hard for the position, you absolutely didn’t want to give up position. If you landed in the low mount, victory was very close. So, the focus of the grappling class, at least for me, was using my body weight on the opponent to pin in preparation for the finishing move. I worked hard for the take down, now, I wanted the win from the mounted position.

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A good conditioning exercise for jiu jitsu is the judo push up. Judo push ups kept me fit during the winter break. So what is a judo push up? See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etHzNRxMfZw

In words, you start out in a bear crawl position. Try to get low to the floor while you pass over your hands then stretch into a cobra with arms fully extended. Come back to start in reverse order. It is a tough exercise. I try to do three sets of 10 judo push ups when I workout. The judo push up works more muscles than a standard push up. Also, the motion of the judo push up helps to remind you to use your body weight to pin your opponent.

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