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This week I earned my third stripe which put me in a good mood. I hadn’t been in a while. I’m getting closer to purple belt.

In the advanced grappling class, my practice partner was a purple belt from Russian. After that class, I had to sit out a few days of training because of a knee sprain and sore shoulder. I hope he left there in the same condition. For the record, I don’t like training like that where I get injured, or I injure someone needlessly. I will avoid working out with him.

I added two new supplements, Dhea 50mg a day, coQ10, and started drinking matcha green tea.

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One of my goals for 2013 is to use science to improve my health. Even with a healthy diet, according to Dr. Oz, food today still lacks the mineral and vitamins of food grown 100 years because the soil has being depleted. Supplements are a low cost investment with big returns.

Below is what I take every day in addition to a healthy diet along with exercise.

Optimal Health

1) Multi Vitamin.
Product: Men’s Alive
2) Joint and Ligament
Product: Flexamin Double Strength. I will switch to Animal Flex, a better supplement, when my supplies run out.
3) Brain and Arteries
Product: 365 Wholefoods omega 3, fish oil with dha
4) Whey Protein
Product: Joe Robby Whey protein.

Longevity Health

Focus : heart, brain, and bone.

I obtained the below information from a medical doctor. I take these supplements daily as well.

1) Heart
Product: Hawthorne Berry Extract, Increase oxygen to the heart and repairs heart muscle.

2) Brain, protects memory cells
Product: vinopcetine

3) Bone, strengthens bone and repairs.
Product: calcium derived from plants. Not from rock.

I will up date the list in a few months if I add a new supplement or find a better product.

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