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Some weeks were better than others. This week in fundamentals, I felt that I executed the reviewed technique sloppy. The techniques shown were not new. My mind was some how Distracted and tired from lack of sleep, along with over confidence. I could do better. Once I let go of the ego, I did appreciate being corrected because it was constructive criticism. I did improve.


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Cleanliness matters. Clean mats, clean floors, clean bathrooms, clean locker room. As per above, Cleanliness has been the experience every time at the dojo.

Cleanliness of the self. Clean body. Clean kimono, clean mind, no bad language. No music. No thoughts of violence. Friendliness. Kindness. Respect.

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This week in advanced grappling, we worked on attacks from side mount. I was lucky to practice with a third striped brown belt. It was obvious he had much more awareness and knowledge of Jiu Jitsu. I focused on non resistance and technique with as little power as possible.

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Last week in Fundamentals, we learned:

1) Standing foot lock.

2) Mounted back choke.

3) Figure four foot lock.



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This week in advanced class, we learned three moves:

1) How to do a guillotine choke from the side mount while using your own kimono lapel.

2) How to escape being pinned against a wall in a head lock and into an arm lock.

3) How to escape a standing double collar choke by executing a throw.



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