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This week in advanced grappling taught by Professor Pedro Jr., we worked on a few passes from the half guard. The passes were easy to understand and to execute.

In class, we watched a judo match where a guy won on a thirty-second pin.  There was brief talk about how the sport of judo has changed over the years from 1981 to now. If I understood right,  I think the 30 second pin had been eliminated.  There seems to be a trend to more throwing and less ground battles.  The truth,  I want to remember  judo the way I learned it back in the late 70’s.  Judo of today and Judo of 35 years ago, not the same.   Will that happen to sports jiu jitsu?  

The throwing class was good; however, I over did it.  I will have to alternate weeks, one throwing and the other sparring.  To hard on my body to do both. Another thing I noticed was that my practice partner in the throwing class, a blue belt two stripes, never slapped to break his fall.  He told me not to worry about it.

Royler Gracie had taught a class on Saturday.   I wasn’t able to attend.

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