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Dealing with an angry person; especially, when they are larger than you and yelling, can be intimidating.  Also, to approach the angry person requires courage and readiness to act.  This week, we learned strategies in dealing with these types of people, fundamental lesson 10, pre fight strategy.

In everyday life, the most crazy things can set people off,  ” You parked in my parking space!!!”, ” Why are you looking at my girlfriend???”, ” You cut me off *&(&@!$%!!  Sometime you have to protect someone, your kids, and have to approach the angry person.  The goal of the pre fight would be to position yourself in the most advantageous position for self defense.

Legally, it is important not touch the angry person.  Touching a stranger without justification could put the blame on you if a fight occurs.  Don’t make a fist, this may justify an attack on you.  An angry person’s insults doesn’t give you a right to attack; however, if they use death threats maybe you have a right to defend.   If police show up, a fight could become a court case.  It’s okay to tell the angry person, ” I don’t want to fight.” just to cover yourself in front of others, witnesses.

Does this angry person have a concealed weapon?  This angry person could have a gun or a knife.   The Stand Your Ground, Travyon Verses Zimmerman case  should have been a gun debate.  No gun, no dead Trayvon Martin.

Steps.  Go and talk to the angry person.   Make eye contact.  Stay calm.  Speak clearly what you want.  Don’t use any insults.  Always, the hands are up as if your praying but open and palms facing the opponent.   The distance should be around two feet away.  Be prepared to block the right or left hook. Be prepared to act.

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