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This week in advanced grappling, we worked on defense from a fist attack while being low mounted and a defensive head lock.

Without escaping, we trained to remain calm in the uncomfortable position for the purpose of defense.  Most untrained fighters think defense came mostly from arm blocks of the fist strikes while on the back; however, that would not be completely correct.   Defense, while low mounted, was mainly with the hip which would  raise into a bridge, the Upa defense.   Remember, during the upa defense, once the hip was up, the hip stayed up. We worked on two drills: trapping the striking opponents arms behind the attackers back,  and a head lock.

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Around this time two years ago, a purple belt, had brought me to Gracie Jiu Jitsu for my first lesson. Upon entering the mat, he immediately taught me the Upa. That was what new students learn in their first lesson. The upa is a defense against an attacker where the aggressor has you pinned and is throwing strikes to the face. The aggressor’s hips must be on top of your hips in order for this to work.

Normally, an instructor will show the student, but the fundamental class was on lesson 15 and the Upa is lesson one. I was impressed and knew that was a great defense. After class, I signed up for a year.

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