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On Monday, December 10, 2012, is the winter belt ceremony. For me, this will complete one year as a blue belt. Last year’s ceremony had some great speeches by Pedro and Gui, and appearances of special guests, Dr Pedro Valente, red belt, and Royce Gracie. I was impressed by the lives of the brown belt students that became black belts, a fireman, ex New York cop, and a guy that started out in the youth program. I am hoping to re-energize myself from the ceremony for my goal of obtaining Purple belt.
Soon, I will put together a list of goals for 2013. I will go over last years list to see how I did.

On Sunday, I tried a 24 hour fast. I never did that before. I ate my normal breakfast and that was it until the next morning breakfast. It went well. I look forward to doing it again in January. I haven’t tried the two-week Gracie Diet as per the book yet. I am planning to re read the book to get what I may have missed the first time. So far, I have been good-by not snacking between meals. I have exchanged energy drinks for coconut water. I have given up desert unless it is a birthday.

As I stated in the last few posts, I am allowing my shoulder to fully heal. That requires rest and strengthening exercise. I will be good to go in January.

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