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Until my lower back is healthy, I am staying on the side line; however, I am planning to return to training on the mat after Memorial Day.  I found a great video on you tube made by Rener Gracie, 4th degree blackbelt and grandson of Master Helio Gracie, for lower back injury prevention.  When Rener was young,  he was  in a bad accident which caused a spinal injury, a herniated disk.  A herniated disk is very painful.   As per the video, Rener had to rest for ten months before he could return to the mat.   I started doing the strength exercises with the rubber ball just as in the video.  In the last couple of days, I am feeling a lot better.  I will be definitely adding these exercises as part of my regular strength training.   Also, the information from Non-Surgical Spine Care Center, Mountain Valley, California, http://www.nospinesurgery.com,  and the various treatments is good to know that they are available.

Check out his you tube link,

Core Strengthening – Lower Back Injury Prevention with Rener Gracie

.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mru33xLcDE

Rener has tremendous passion for Jiu Jitsu.   A few months ago,  he gave a seminar at Valente Brothers of North Miami Beach, Florida, which I attended, on the Triangle Choke.   It was valuable.  It totally changed my view of the Triangle Choke.   I used to avoid it, but now it is a move I would attempt during sparring if the opportunity was available.

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