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This week, I went to grappling techniques class.  It was at headquarters on Tuesday morning at 10:00 am.  While training, a three striped purple belt showed up late and asked my practice partner, a brown belt, if he could join our group.  He said okay.  As soon as it was my turn to practice the move with the new comer, he started causing me pain.  I didn’t say anything.  I thought it to be bad manners.

While practicing a new move, he was overly aggressive, I would say almost pissed.  I could feel my right shoulder buckle and the pain started.  At that point, I then immediately stopped and told the guy I was only interested in technique.  I didn’t have to communicate this to the brown belt. He lightened up, but it was too late for my shoulder.  Fortunately,  I think the injury was just a torn muscle.

I am trying not to hold onto anger or to be vengeful. I am focused on winning.

In order to avoid injury I advise the following, to minimize injuries, communicate right away 1)  Introduce yourself.  2) Tell them that you’re trying to do the move without power and in control. 3) Tap immediately if you feel pain. Don’t wait until it is too late.

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