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All this week, from pairing up with higher and same belt level students, my knowledge of the fundamentals of self defense was apparently lacking in details.   I spoke to a purple belt about this.  He said this was normal.

For the new year, I will try to attend more.  Once in awhile and with the right practice partner, I will test my fundamental techniques knowledge with controlled resistance. I would call this  a jiu jitsu reality test. 

In the last two weeks, I had lost ten pounds of fat.  They say when fasting not to do anything, take it easy. Well, I disagree.  I was fasting and working out at the same time.  Fasting could burn 1,500 calories and working out 1,500 calories for a total of 3,000 calories.  A pound is 3,500 calories.    In the evenings, I would consume 600 calories and nothing else .  You will not lose fat until the body stops using glucose from food just eaten until the body switches to Ketones, fat cells, a completely different power supply to the body.  You have to starve for this to occur. Ketone energy helped us survive famine.   Not to worry, the human body could go without food for three weeks before death.  From what I read, the body would not consume muscle tissue until the fat is depleted. Water was more important than food.

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