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I am a quarter of the way to purple belt. I had earned my first blue belt stripe.  The belt system is like climbing a mountain. The higher you climb, the tougher the course.  The toughest part on the nine year climb is the very top, the black belt test.

I had some good insights into my lack of zanshin, awareness, thanks to a fellow blue belt named Barry.  Zanshin is an important aspect of jiu jitsu. During review on Wednesday, I had briefly forgotten a self defense move. I felt foolish. My mind should be alert. It wasn’t. While I had Barry in my guard, he reminded to make pretend ear strikes.  In a sneak attack, Barry had successfully kicked me in the stomach. I wasn’t prepared. I was frustrated. Barry’s mind is alert. He then asked me a question. ” From this distance, 10 feet, 3 meters, how could someone attack you?  He is aware of the distance and has an idea of the attacker’s next move. I need to be more like Barry.

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