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Tuesday grappling class went well. We worked on submissions. Professor Pedro showed us the Clock choke, a.ka. the baseball bat choke.

On Wednesday, aside from Jiu Jitsu, I went to a mixed intermediate advanced yoga class. We did some advanced back bend which I wasn’t ready to do. I setup wrong. Just like in Jiu Jitsu I need to communicate better that I was not ready for this. Etc.

Come Thursday, full body shutdown. Last week, I bought a new mattress and I haven’t slept well. My back was sore but in my middle back. REALIZATION, I’m pushing myself to much. Go go go. never stop mentality. I’m not honoring my body, it needs to rest, no working out or hard labor at least one or two days during the week. I spent the day on my back feeling run down. Ice. hot pad. inversion table. I was looking forward today but tired and slightly injured could result in nothing productive.

Self development. A few months ago, I became aware that I constantly complain about other people. Non stop. My mind was over run by negativity all the time. So, I read a few articles and listened to a few videos on how to stop complaining. Nothing fully addressed the problem. So, I took this info and created a mantra, a kind of mental program to reprogram my mind. I know that may sound werid. This is what you do. When you first wake up, Say the following 108 times or the first time you get in your car. While reciting the mantra, think about the people you find fault with. This is the mantra: ” I will not find fault with others. Instead I will focus on solutions and gratitude.” I have the idea that after saying this mantra once a day for three weeks, it will become a habit.

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