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This week we relearned the pizon, the side kick.    Professor Joaquin had a good point for the class, something that I didn’t consider before, that the pizon is a good defense against an approaching boxer.    The pizon doesn’t require much force to damage a knee.  Once an attacker is hit with the pizon to the knee, if the pizon doesn’t damage the attacker’s knee, it will hurt, so they back away.   Also, the pizon can  be used to the mid section of the body which is a larger target.    Basically, what you want is the attacker to keep a safe distance.      In conclusion, when the pizon is done properly, it is a great defense against a boxer that is approaching from a distance.

Changing subjects, the Miami Heat won the National Championship this week.  Lebron James, of the National Champion Miami Heat, and James was this year’s MVP of the league, made an interesting comment about his last year’s play verses this year’s play.

 “Last year I played with hate. That’s not the way I play. I play with a lot of love.” Lebron

In 2011, the Miami Heat had a humiliating loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs.  James was blamed for much of the loss.  He even excepted full responsibility.  So your probably wondering how this relates to Jiu Jitsu??  When James played with passion and love, it contributed to his whole team winning the national championship.   The message is that passion and compassion is more powerful than hate.  I believe this to be true.   I noticed with the Jiu Jitsu instructors, when they grab the kimono to show a move, they are relaxed almost like they aren’t there… not with power and anger.  Hate is focused on hurting.  Passion is focused on winning.

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