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A week has passed since the self-defense tournament. I am not the same. Well, that’s what I keep tell myself.  I have a higher understanding of the self-defense program because of my pre test preparations and also the knowledge from the event.  That was a great consequence of the tournament.  I believe or hope next years event will have a greater turnout.  So, I am promoting the event when ever I get a chance.

What needs to be done now is an over haul of my training.  For one,  I need to take the advanced techniques class every week.  I will alternate sparring and randori because its to harsh on my body.   I need to communicate with my sparring and randori partner that I am not going for the an olympic metal, nor am I an MMA fighter, and this is just a dojo.  The truth, I’m a middle age guy with a bum right shoulder.

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