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This week I started reading, The Gracie Diet. Also, I have been taking it easy for the last two weeks with a shoulder muscle injury. Supraspinatus strain. Unfortunately, rest is the cure.  If I need more time to heal, I could go to class as an observer. I may do that.

Reference the Gracie Diet introduction, my daughter wanted M&Ms because she went to choir practice.  I told her she had to ok it with her mother.  She said okay. We went to Publix, a local Florida grocery store,  it is like Safeway, Winn Dixie, or Giant.   It was very crowded. I was hungry. I bought a candy bar and an energy drink while waiting in line.   We ate and drank the unhealthy snack food in the car.  I forced my self to eat dinner  because I had ruined my appetite.  Now that I think about it,  I would shop at Publix at least three times a week and I would buy something unhealthy.

After reading the introduction and doing some thinking,  I decided that I am not going to shop at Publix anymore.    I call it,  avoiding a dog’s death.  What do I mean?  I want to avoid my inner self by not engaging it in a losing battle, unhealthy junk food.     A samurai is dishonored if they die in battle without accomplishing the goal.  It is ok to retreat so that the battle can be fought another day for a better chance at victory.  In this case, I will avoid the unhealthy food all together.

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