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Wow..Next week, September 30, 2012, is the Gracie Challenge, a Sunday.  My reaction when I saw the challenge date was I am not ready. How can I post pone this?  I can’t.   Once I gathered myself, I took a look at the web page and read about what this test is about.  The last challenge, I didn’t have a clear picture.   In the article, three things jumped out at me, strikes, headlocks, and collar grabs.  I narrowed down the stand up test moves.  I didn’t do any of this the year before. I was dead last.  I am also reviewing old tapes of Helio Gracie since I can’t really afford the private lesson at this time and try to review potential test moves during the fundamental review part.   I started writing down all the moves and classifying them. I am going to give it my best.  If I can advance to the second round then I will have accomplished my goal.

This week, I focused on others.  This allowed me to view the fundamental moves better.  I discovered two mistakes.  one on the closed double collar grab and another on the mounted elbow escape.

Being able to measure the distance is critical in self-defense.  I am having trouble with measuring the distance.  I am hoping this challenge will help me improve upon it.

I was a bit moody.  Some days I am friendly. Some days I am the lone wolf. I don’t want to be the lone wolf.   I really hate that about myself.  I wish I was up beat all the time. Whatever I am experiencing real or un real, I am going to keep coming back.


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