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128px-HeadlockThis week in fundamentals, we learned how to get out of a head lock when an attacker has a wide open stance.  See picture. In fact, the bigger the attacker and the stronger the neck crank, the easier the take down.  As in the picture, grab the hip of the attacker, the arm that was on the back,  and the other hand hooks under the knee of the attacker. Next, swing the back foot through the attacker’s legs as far as possible, the other foot stays side by side the attacker’s foot,  and the victim would end up in the side mounted position.

The school gave us a warning the other day.  Motorcycles are dangerous and should be avoid.   From our school, a purple belt died two months ago and another purple belt is in critical condition both from motorcycle accidents. They mentioned that even Master Helio Gracie, when he was nineteen, was in a serious motorcycle accident.  The doctor wanted to amputate his leg but obviously didn’t. Motorcycles are dangerous.


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