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dog and samuriWords have power.  They can do good, and they can cause harm.   There is four types of harmful speech which should be removed from the mind, and refrained from doing..

Words spoken with the intent of misrepresenting the truth,  Lies.

Words spoken with the intent of creating rifts, fights, between people,  Divisive.

Words spoken with the intent of hurting another person’s feelings, Harsh.

Words spoken with no purposeful intent at all, Idle.

The four types of speech are: Lies, Divisive, Harsh, and Idle.

Of course this takes practice.  Use jiu jitsu to become a better you.  Before speaking,  focus upon why do you want to speak.  If what you want to say is a lie, divisive, harsh, or idle, don’t say it.  If you can’t control what you say, how do you expect to control your mind?  Jiu jitsu is about controling the self.

Remember, we can abstain from unsuitable conversation, even when we feel angry, by not saying anything when its not beneficial to say.

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