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This week in fundamentals, we had learned about signs of aggression.  When a person yells at you, swears, clenches the teeth, sways with the shoulders, a closed fist, swaying finger, be prepared for violence. We worked on defensive strategies. How to talk to an aggressive person.  Controlling the center.   Getting distance. Self defense.

One thing that wasn’t covered was a surprise attack which comprises 60 % of attacks.  I asked a Sheriff, a fellow student, what he thought.  As soon as the eyes noticed the fist strike, if you’re so luck,  raise the hands up to block the punch. The best scenario would  be to survive the strike and go into defense mode.   Common sense, don’t be a target.   Knowing when to be in a state of self high alert. If traveling into a bad neighborhood, area, be more alert.   Don’t be overly dressed. Don’t flash money.

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