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All the Valente Brothers dojos were closed this week for summer vacation, July 1 through July 8, 2013. It  is a fact that vacations prevent burnout.  I hope you had a good 4th of July!  What is the 4th of July in America?  That is when the US officially declared it’s independence from Great Britain, back then, that was the mother country and a super power.  We celebrated with fireworks, parades, and picnics.  Along time ago, this was the time of the year in my youth when we would stock up on Black Cats and bottle rockets.

For the holiday, I was in Millersville, Maryland, not far from where I went to high school in the late 80s.  I was about 45 minutes from District of Columbia, a.k.a. DC, the capital of United States, and 30 minutes from downtown Baltimore.  Anyways, I thought about practicing jiu jitsu at a local dojo, but quickly changed my  mind after looking over the web page.  It wasn’t strictly jiu jitsu.  It was a mixture of MMA, weight lifting, aerobics, and jiu jitsu.  Reading the description made me appreciate my school.  However, there was a great Gracie jiu jitsu school in Baltimore, but that was a 35 minute drive, so I didn’t do any jiu jitsu during the break.

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