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If you don’t have medical insurance, should you be doing jiu jitsu?  I would say probably not a good idea.

As I was paying the bills, I noticed that I had accidentally skipped a month on my health insurance premium because the premium was double than normal.  I checked my records. I had skipped a payment.   Oddly enough, I didn’t receive any notice in the mail warning that I would be kicked out.   If a big claim happened, a bad injury, the insurance company could deny the claim because the premium wasn’t on time.  I quickly mailed in the payment.   I wondered how did that happen?  It was a mistake on their side and I got side tracked on my side.

Going to the hospital in the United States is expensive.  An emergency room is an expensive place. Over night stay is expensive.  An ambulance ride could be in the thousands of dollars.   My next high priority will be to get the health insurance premium on automatic payment.

I think I am ready to return to training.  After two weeks, I don’t have any throat pain.   For sure, I will be a lot more protective of my neck. I will be a lot more conscious of tighten my neck when anyone practices a choke and to protect the neck, chin down.  One good thing about my injury, I did learn some anatomy of the neck.

The Helio Gracie Tournament is coming in October in honor of Helio’s birthday.  There is no sparring.  Basically, its technique demostration so I will be loading up on the fundamental classes in preparation.

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