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To be honest, I took the week off.  At 45, I felt I needed to give myself some time to heal.

What happened?  Two white belts did me in.  While practicing the single collar grab, thumb down, I lost my balance, fell,  and put my hand on the floor. The nervous practice partner stepped forward onto my hand, the heal of his foot  came down on top  of index finger.  I heard a loud pop.  I felt bleeding but no cut.  Blood pooled under the nail of my index finger.  Gui taped up the fingers and I finished the class. I didn’t go to the doctor. On the internet, I found the injury. It was called, jersey finger, the opposite of a mallet.  The finger has been healing and no deformation. I went to class with the fingers taped up but on the third week, I wanted sometime out.  I was having trouble typing.  Not to worry, the finger has almost completely healed.  Last week, a bouncer, while doing knee on bellie drill fell down hard and bruised an internal organ.  Perhaps I need to do more exercises out side of class.

Sorry I am not trying to make a blog of aches and pains.  It has been a long time since , I had a physical.  Nevertheless, I eat very healthy and am very fit..  I want to make sure the veins and arteries are clear.  I need to find a new doctor in my area.

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