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It has been an interesting week. On Monday, a sports Gracie Jiu Jitsu team from Qatar, practiced with us. The team was in Miami on their way to Orlando for an international tournament. I worked out with a guy named Abdul. He was strong, tall, and had some skills. He said they were exhausted because it took 27 hours to get from Qatar to Miami. Plane delays.  The team was trying to adjust to the time change and practice a bit before the big match in Orlando this weekend.  Abdul said that he was hoping to visit Milwaukee after the tournament because one of his parents was from there and he still has family living in Wisconsin, ironically, so were mine parents.  It is a small world.  After training I wished him and his team good luck.

A few days earlier, I was channel surfing and stopped on a TV channel called Link TV, www.linktv.org.  It was a documentary on Qatar. It is the wealthiest nation in the Middle East. It has a population of 250,000. Qatar is friends to everyone.  The person that runs Qatar, Emir, is Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, whom is a brilliant politician.  Besides making Qatar an amazing place to live, he also created Al Jazeera, the premier Middle East television news program. When I can, I will watch Al Jazeera.  I like it since it gives a very different view of the world of an issue.  I feel U.S. news is filtered. True or not, it is good to get different points of view.

I’m not exactly sure how to pronounce Qatar.  It is pronounced in different ways. See YouTube. 60 minutes Qatar.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFW-IUlnHag

In the year, 2022,  the whole world will  learn about Qatar because it is scheduled to host The World Cup, which is the biggest soccer event held every four years.

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