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Big gains in sparring development. The gains were NOT submissions, but defense from not being tapped out as often as previous sessions. I would say the development has to do with the advanced grappling class. When an opponent had me mounted and had their knees in the arm pits, I was able to shrimp out in order to get my elbows back down on the floor. Last time I sparred, I was tapped out a lot of times with the arm bar. Also, I learned a technique, from advanced grappling, to keep the elbows together on the chest and hands on the chin. That technique stopped multiple choke attacks.

This week I took the Advanced class which was taught by Professor Gui. During sparring, I was able to use the lesson on arm bar breaks to get a submission.

Back to fundamentals. I bought a new notebook. I plan to combine the notes from two other notebooks with the current lesson. I was trying to make a mnemonic device to help remember each lesson. I think this is the path to mastery. I believe I could get more out of my class time if I become more mindful. Mindful, being more focused, looking for details that I may have missed during previous lessons.

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Shocker! The throwing class has great defenses against wrestling take downs.  Apparently, the throwing class wasn’t just throwing.  A few months ago I was talking smack in the locker room with a purple belt about the throwing class. I told the guy, Don, I didn’t see the need for the throwing class because the fundamentals class was all that I needed.  At least that was what I wrongly thought.   I stayed for the throwing class on Tuesday, which was taught by Ramon Sanchez, ex Cuban National judo olympian.  Ramon taught us some useful judo defense techniques against the single leg and double leg take downs that impressed me. Students that go to throwing have an advantage over those that don’t go. 

During the randori part of the throwing class. I changed it up with the partners.  I got this idea from a judo blog.  After the throw, my partner and I would spar for a pin.  The object in judo was to throw the opponent completely in the air.  Ippon. That was not my objective.  My object was to land in the mounted position, knee on belly, or close to it. I remembered three throws, my 210 lb opponent landed on the floor and rolled away from me.  I didn’t have control, but that was a good move for an escape but not a submission.  The second guy was smaller. I landed in the side mount but got the pin.  Third, knee on belly, knees into arm pits, the ideal situation.

Tuesday was an amazing day of training in the advance grappling class as well, taught by Professor Pedro jr.  Part of the training, I had Walter as my training partner,  an ex Brazilian mma fighter and jiu jitsu black belt since 1994.   Great training and instruction.   Tuesday was the last day of attacks from the side mount. I learned an arm lock that I later saw on the show, The Shield.

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I’m a bit delusional about my abilities. However, I keep having a reoccurring thought, ” Extreme training will give extreme results.” I think that statement is generally true. Not sure where I heard that.

Here’s the rundown. I went to fundamentals class on Monday. It was good to review the move, throw back from the guard. It is when the opponent, while in your guard, decides to stand up. When they do this, unhook the legs, hips on the floor, grab their ankles, and push then down with the knees. I think that would be useful in a fight. We then worked on a sleeve choke.

On Tuesday, I went to advanced grappling taught by Professor Pedro. I would say that doing a Kimora and an Americana is slowly becoming a habit. We learned a new arm bar, new to me, from the side mount. I had a good partner and extra help from Black belt, so I think it will be remembered.

This weekend was a seminar with Rickson Gracie at headquarters. Regretfully, I wasn’t able to attend. That reminds me to rewatch the documentary movie featuring Rickson “, Choked.” Every student of BBJ should watch it. The documentary was on YouTube the last time I checked. Bbj cult film.

Longevity. High Dosages of Omega Three Fish Oil. I am basically experimenting on myself. I would like for my mind to be more stable, hopefully repaired. I have been reading the healing power of the brain if it has the right materials, omega 3, fish oil. So, I increased my dosage from 1 gram to 10 grams a day. Since I started, I feel better mentally.

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For this month, the most important lesson I learned from the advanced grappling class was to use your own body weight to pin your opponent. I learned that when I wrestled in high school, but, could have done it more. Professor Pedro wanted this drilled into our minds. He called it, melting on to your opponent.

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I had a great class on Tuesday, the advanced grappling. We worked on a pin and a technique to maintain it. I am feeling confident I could keep the Russian strongman pinned with the technique we just learned, unless he out smarted me. It is a fact that Russian’s are great fans of chess which jiu jitsu is similar. I have to depend on technique. Professor Pedro is going to teach the nine pins in the coming weeks which is something I knew about when I was a kid, they didnt teach everything at onetime, but wanted to learn but didn’t. So, I am looking forward to the coming weeks. That was the only class I could make because of the flu. I got it from my kids.

Anti aging stuff. I wouldn’t recommend Flex-a-min double strength, glucosamine. I’m now trying Kirkland Glucosamine HCI 1500mg with MSM 1500mg, 375 tablets, 2 times a day. This has 3x MSM than flexamin and it was 3 tablets a day. Side note, Costco, besides selling cheapest gas in the area, they have great supplements at low prices.

I started taking two baby aspirin, Kirkland, 162 mg, at bed time. There are some risks which you should consult a doctor before starting this.

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