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I’m a bit delusional about my abilities. However, I keep having a reoccurring thought, ” Extreme training will give extreme results.” I think that statement is generally true. Not sure where I heard that.

Here’s the rundown. I went to fundamentals class on Monday. It was good to review the move, throw back from the guard. It is when the opponent, while in your guard, decides to stand up. When they do this, unhook the legs, hips on the floor, grab their ankles, and push then down with the knees. I think that would be useful in a fight. We then worked on a sleeve choke.

On Tuesday, I went to advanced grappling taught by Professor Pedro. I would say that doing a Kimora and an Americana is slowly becoming a habit. We learned a new arm bar, new to me, from the side mount. I had a good partner and extra help from Black belt, so I think it will be remembered.

This weekend was a seminar with Rickson Gracie at headquarters. Regretfully, I wasn’t able to attend. That reminds me to rewatch the documentary movie featuring Rickson “, Choked.” Every student of BBJ should watch it. The documentary was on YouTube the last time I checked. Bbj cult film.

Longevity. High Dosages of Omega Three Fish Oil. I am basically experimenting on myself. I would like for my mind to be more stable, hopefully repaired. I have been reading the healing power of the brain if it has the right materials, omega 3, fish oil. So, I increased my dosage from 1 gram to 10 grams a day. Since I started, I feel better mentally.

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