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In the advanced grappling class,  we worked on escapes from the side mount into the guard position.  Simple and effective. I’m all about defense.  Yet again, I trained with another Russian student, the seventh one.  My experience with Russian students is that I can see why Russia has been a super power for more than a 1000 years just by its people, tough, intelligent, dominate.  Russia sees sharing power with other nations as weakness.  Russia is a nation and people that demand respect with no compromise.  very interesting and mysterious group.

To really progress to the next level, I need to increase my flexibility in my hips and back so that I can do more moves.  Also, I have to work on timing.  I am about half way there with flexibility and nowhere near ready with timing.   I added a new speed exercise, basically, a front leg lift until toes rest on a chair seat.  You will need a chair.  Lay on your back while holding the legs of a chair from the front side. quickly lift your legs, this is a speed drill, until your toes rest on the top of the chair then back to the floor. I will try to do a set of 10 a day.

In the throwing class, we learned a defense throw against a wrestler that has gotten your back from the standing position. I learned that while standing having someone’s back is not a safe position. Incredible simple throw against the wrestler.

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