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Everytime I get ready to open the door to Valente Brother’s studio, I think of a comment Professor Pedro made , ” Would you rather vacation for two weeks in Fuji or come to Jiu Jitsu for two weeks of your vacation?   Professor Pedro’s answer, ” I would rather spend two-weeks studying Jiu Jitsu.  a beach is boring.”   I feel the same way.

There is no guarantee of victory even with all of our Gracie  jiu jitsu training.    I admit that I used to go around thinking I was invincible and overly assertive, not at all a smart way to be.  There are a lot of tough people walking about  that can fight.  I have a wild side, so  I am not someone who tests half way. I would challenge the worst that I could find to test my knowledge.  Bikers..boxers.. I now realise that a fight could result in serious injury to myself even if I won.   What was I thinking???  I have come to my senses.  I happily don’t seek trouble.  If trouble unfortunately finds me,  then I will deal with it.  I bet a lot of white belts think they are invincible when they are absolutely not.   By studying Gracie Jiu Jitsu, it has brought me a lot of peace for which I am very grateful.

A strong man could dead lift a smaller opponent  from the guard position and body slam them.  I have been dead lift from the guard position.  It is possible.   Don’t think a triangle move is a safety net.  Every move has a counter move.  How alert to the counter is up to you?  Note, I find the following video disturbing.  I don’t like watching this video.  Note, this move has been banned in the MMA but is perfectly legal in a street fight.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs Ricardo Arona insane knockout

What is the point of practicing without a finishing move???   I do this for myself but I think the new white belt also appreciate it.  Whenever I review, I try to do a side mount to the full with a finishing move.  I am trying to simulate a real life fight.  Same with a throw, I do the take down, or throw,  then I do a finishing move.  I am trying to set up my opponent for the finishing move, always.  A finishing move is the last technique to end the fight.

To master any technique, you have practice it 10,000 times.

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