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When ever you have a choice of rice, always choose brown rice.  Read on.  Have you seen rice in its natural form?  It is a brownish color.  The white rice is white because of processing.   Also, next time you read white rice packaging, look for the labeling that nutrients have been re-added.  This is because the making it white process strips the rice of all its natural nutrients so the food process has to be re-added.   If the rice is left in its natural form, it retains all its great properties. There is a great article on all the amazing things that brown rice has and its special properties, anti-oxidants, Selenium, Manganese,  Natural oils, weight loss, whole grain, slow sugar release, and high fiber.  See below link. Website, healthiertalk.com

8 Reasons Why Brown Rice Is Healthier Than White Rice

By Dr. Edward Group on 03/22/2011


Is frozen food healthier than fresh produce?  I was surprised by the answer.  Unless you have your own vegetable garden or fruit garden, cut, wash, and immediately eat, not necessarily.   It makes sense.   Frozen food is immediately frozen which freezes the nutrients into the vegetable or fruit.  I saw a show the other day, that as soon as a vegetable or a fruit is cut, it starts losing its nutrient value.   How long does fruit and vegetables stay on the shelf at grocery stores?  Anyways, the freezing process halts this decay.  See article below.

Frozen food ‘healthier than fresh produce’, scientists claim

The Telegraph.  Health News.   Author Andrew Hough. See Below.


As a kid I was always told I have to eat meat.  Who was I to question?  Did you know that some flesh-eating animals, lions, tigers, will not eat cooked meat? They want it raw and bloody.  I have never eaten meat bloody and raw.  To make it short, we aren’t designed to really eat meat as the focus of our diet.  We should eat very little of it and focus on eating fruits, vegetables, and grains for optimal health.

The Comparative Anatomy of Eating

by Milton R. Mills, M.D.


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Inexpensive, healthy, and tasty, I call it Jiu Jitsu Vegetable Soup.  From start to finish, Jiu Jitsu Soup takes less than twenty minutes to prepare.  In addition to the soups outstanding nutritional value, it has a lot of anti cancer properties; as well as,  aiding in weight loss.

The first step is to peel all the veggies with the side of a knife blade and then chop the carrot, celery stock, green onion, and the sweet potato.  Place all the vegetables in a large pot along with the shiitake mushrooms.  Pour in 2 cups of frozen peas.  * You could substitute another frozen vegetable if you like.  Add the dehydrated seaweed.  Add three cups of water and bring to a boil.  Once the soup is boiling, turn off stove.   Note, I try to minimally cook the vegetables.  Add the miso paste right after the water stops boiling since boiling the miso paste isn’t good for it.   Add tofu for protein.   Let the soup sit for five minutes with the top on.  The miso should look like clouds in the water.  Serve.

You will need:

1 organic carrot

1 organic celery stock

1 organic yam or sweet potato

1 organic green onion

2 cups of frozen organic vegetables,  peas, lima beans, or brocoli.  Your choice.

2 tablespoons of miso paste.   Miso paste can be found at Wholefoods for $5 a tub found in the dairy section.  Cold Mountain.

1 oz organic shiitake mushrooms

1 table-spoon of hydrated sea weed.

1 oz of tofu cubes.

I try to eat this soup everyday.  To keep it from get boring, switch up the frozen vegetables.  You can add garlic or other spices.  My intention was to try to consume five servings of vegetables with this soup everyday.

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