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Gracie Jiu Jitsu doesn’t like direct fist strikes.  A jab is okay, but not really what jiu jitsu is about.   Basically, direct knuckle fist strikes, are something you only see in boxing and cowboy movies.  In reality, a fist strike is an easy way to break your own hand.   Bare knuckle boxing has a  lot of hand injuries that is a reason boxers wear gloves.

A better alternative to the front knuckle fist strike is the slap.  This week we relearned the violent hand strike to the ear.   If the hand slap to the ear is done correctly, it will rupture the ear drum.   The attacker would require surgery and be unable to walk very well because the sense of balance is part of the inner ear.  I wouldn’t want to carry around the guilty of causing such an injury to someone like that.  I didn’t like learning this and would avoid it all together in a conflict. It is too severe, causing someone a life long disability.

There are tough people all over the world.  I especially like the Maori people of New Zealand for their toughness.  I believe they are descendants of the Polynesians.  In Star Wars, Polynesians are the elite human fighters of the future.  In the movie, Once Were Warriors, there is a bar fight scene which is fresh in my mind.  Jake, an ex street fighter, knocks out a muscle bound ex convict in seconds.  For Jake’s attack to work, the attack is dependent upon speed and power with an element of surprise.  See link. When I first saw this at the movies, I found the fight scene shocking, the violence of it. I want everyone to be aware of this kind of attack.

Once Were Warriors – Jake The Mus


I like Jake’s comment at the end, ” Too much weights and not enough speed work.”  Once jake connected, he had already won the fight.   I didn’t see any bouncers in the bar.  Seems what happens in the bar, stays in the bar.  I wonder if that is how it really is or part of the script.

I like the following video where the New Zealand Rugby team ties their warrior past with the present in a pre fight battle ritual called Haka. Note, rugby is much tougher than American football, which is my opinion.

All Black’s Haka, Battle Ritual


I think this is intimidating.    The adrenaline is free flowing after watching this video. Super cool pre battle ritual.

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