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It’s around 10:30 am.  The tournament starts at 2:oo pm.  I admit I have some butterflies, that is normal.  At this point, I am trying not to think about all the moves which could cause panic.  I’m trying to relax and be flexible. I ate a big breakfast.  I’m feeling good.  I hope I can maintain a positive attitude.

Upon signing up, I learned that there are 10 self defenses moves taught only in the advanced class which I hadn’t been attending.  There isn’t enough time to learn them.   I got off track on my training ambitions.  I had thought all the moves were taught in the fundamentals classes; however, I do know 80% of the moves which is enough to get me through the first round.  I am trying to look at this as a self evaluation.   If I make it to the second round, great, if I don’t, great.  It is a good experience.

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