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Great jiu jitsu movie, RED BELT.  I highly recommend it.  See the trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LlkIRIQeuc&ob=av3e   The conclusion, you could interpret in different ways.   For me, the message is that there are things more important than money.  Learning and teaching Jiu Jitsu is important that it is done in a traditional way even if it causes a personal sacrifice.  RED BELTs are preservers of the tradition. Hopefully, seven generations from now, if you went to a jiu jitsu school, it should be similar to what we learn today.

This week, I watched The Valente Brother’s,  Pedro Jr. and Joaquin, on Desperita America!  See  link is http://www.graciemiami.com/media_center/featured_news/valente_brothers_on_telemundo_and_univison_.  Professor Pedro Jr. and Joaquin were great. I was proud of the professors and for our school.  The thing that I found most impressive was our female student.  Her technique and execution was truly amazing.  Size and strength can be over come.  Note, men and women classes are separate.

This week we had the pre fight fundamental lesson, my favorite lesson.  As black belt Phillipe said, ” There are a lot of ding dongs out there.”  You have gotta be ready.  I like this lesson because it has a throw in it,  and more importantly,  it’s the events that lead up to a fight.  If you handle yourself well, it can result in a non fight.  Most of the time, a few choice words and standing your ground, can make people wake up to the fact that a physical assault isn’t the way to go; especially, if it is over something minor like a parking spot, a non life threatening issue.  A good way to be is to try to treat every person that approaches aggressively as a capable fighter so that you don’t get surprised attacked.

Since my first lesson, I had two incidents, a huge over weight guy in a park that thought he was going to give me a beat down and a super fit guy that was tail gating me.  I was confident I would have prevailed in both but as a friend of mine told me, Kevin, a blue belt,  ” There was not going to be any real winners. no prize. no trophy.  You could have been injured.  Someone could have died.  You could die.  If you can’t prove your side, maybe jail time for you.”

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