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After I heard a story of road rage from a fellow jiu jitsu student this week, I started thinking,   “How could this have been prevented? What are my own triggers for rage?”

Everyone gets rages for time to time.  The trick is recognize pre rage signals before it rises and disengage. Is this situation worthy of violence? Is this worth dying for?   I came up with a few examples that seem to get a lot of rage, a bad driver almost causes an accident, cutting in line, stealing a parking space.  I believe these events aren’t worth causing injury to someone.

I have been reviewing judo throws in preparation for Tuesday’s throwing class. I stopped many months ago so that I could focus on the self-defense  fundamental classes.   Some throws are safer than others in a street fight situation.

Recently, I am starting to see myself become a purple belt.  I didn’t have that vision before.

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