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After I heard a story of road rage from a fellow jiu jitsu student this week, I started thinking,   “How could this have been prevented? What are my own triggers for rage?”

Everyone gets rages for time to time.  The trick is recognize pre rage signals before it rises and disengage. Is this situation worthy of violence? Is this worth dying for?   I came up with a few examples that seem to get a lot of rage, a bad driver almost causes an accident, cutting in line, stealing a parking space.  I believe these events aren’t worth causing injury to someone.

I have been reviewing judo throws in preparation for Tuesday’s throwing class. I stopped many months ago so that I could focus on the self-defense  fundamental classes.   Some throws are safer than others in a street fight situation.

Recently, I am starting to see myself become a purple belt.  I didn’t have that vision before.

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Happy 4th of July, 2012, the celebration of the United States Independence.

Before class, Kevin, a fellow blue belt, three striped, confided in me, ” I don’t know anything. I can’t recall what I have learned.”  Do you remember driving from your home to the dojo, school, or gym? How many right turns did you take? Did you use the turning signal? The truth is that you don’t remember because the information is in your subconscious mind. I trust the info is in my subconscious memory, memory you know without actively thinking.

Am I on the right path? Freak!!!! My arm, shoulder, was almost broken in the grappling techniques class. I was super pissed off the other day. This is good because I am working out my anger.  I’m trying my best not to make this personal.  I will let this go out of my respect for the professors. I control my emotions and no one else.  Maybe this was a good event to happen. I think learning to control your emotions could be a part of jiu jitsu.  I will continue until purple belt. I owe it to this blog.

Super cool!  I got an invitational YouTube email to practice Gracie jiu Jitsu in Tokyo, Japan. Probably spam. I didn’t respond yet. The training starts in August which is too short a time for me to get everything together and it is for a month. If it were true, I would want to do it next summer so that I could train, train, and train at home. I’m not going to Japan to make an ass of myself, my school, and my country. Wife already said no and said something about a divorce. I think I could change her mind if I had more time. My kids were super excited when I mentioned the invitation. I would be a great candidate to study in Japan. I love their culture. Atari, Godzilla, Gamera, Speed Racer, Shogun,Sushi, Judo, jiu Jitsu, sumo wrestling, Judo champion Kimura, Buddhism, baseball fanatics, The iron chief, samurai, Kumon, Honda, Toyota, Toshiba, Sony. Seppuku.  I was learning to read and write Japanese. It is not as difficult as you might think. It is a phonetic language unlike Chinese. I gave up learning Japanese since learning Japanese didn’t make sense. I wish I had Japanese friends. Well, it’s was a fun dream.

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Mata Leon. In Portuguese and Spanish, it means lion kill.  This is a very powerful choke.   I don’t know the japanese word for it.   The Mata Leon is when you get your arm in a vice grip around the throat and squeeze until unconsciousness.  The other arm blocks the opponent from escaping.   How romantic.   During this weeks fundamental class while relearning this move, Lesson 6, I had a flashback.   When I was a kid, Norm Miller,  http://www.judoinc.com/main/ji/Judo7.htm, invited another Judo club to our dojo for an in-house tournament.   This was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1978.   In the tournament, I defeated my opponent with the mata leon.   I wasn’t able to win with a throw.   The referee stopped the match.  The other kid was holding his throat and crying.  I felt bad about the crying.  They gave me a trophy.

A week later, at school, St. Mary’s, Elm Grove, Wisconsin, I had told someone about my judo win.  On the playground, my friends were asking me to try the mata leon out on them.  “Please..please..try it out on me,” they asked me.  I totally didn’t want to do it.   After a lot of nagging by this kid named, Danny Lipscome,  I gave in.  I put the choke on him.   He turned red, started choking, tears came running down his face.  I let him go.  He ran off as soon as I let him go.     A few minutes later, two nuns marched from across the parking lot and stopped right in front of me.  They were not pleased.  ” To the Office. Right Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  one screamed at me.   They wanted to expel me.   My mother was a teacher at St. Mary’s.  I told them I would NEVER do that again.   I was let off with a very stern warning.


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