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judo pinThis month, we worked on pins in advance grappling.  Control before submission.

Regarding pins, an event that changed my life. when I was ten in 1978, my first tournament, I won third place in the Chicago  midwest regional judo tournament.  My coach was Norm Miller of Wisconsin, a recognized U.S. National Judo Coach..  I did a quick osotio  gari and used an arm and shoulder pin. I won on a  thirty second pin, the one in the picture. He fought  most of the pin.  I rode it out.   Unfortunately I  lost a friendship that day. We were from the same school. He would beat me regularly at the dojo; however, that day, I defeated him in front of a thousand people.  After that, he didn’t want to car pool.  I was accused of cheating.   I didn’t think of the consequences, not for a second. I was too young.

If in a street fight, depending on how well the fight was going, a person has options, to talk to the attacker, an escape, a decision to break a limb, or choke.  Breaking someone’s arm, or any limb, has consequences; mostly negative, police, law suit, revenge.

I know a guy that had his arm broken while sparring.  The arm breaking wasn’t intentional.  Unfortunately, He no longer attends jiu jitsu. He was out of work for six months.  He said he lost $60,000 in revenue.  Every  time I see him and we talked Jiu Jitsu, the arm incident would come up with a lot of anger.  ” He never said he was sorry!!! I am coming back and I will get that guy!” That guy was on his mind daily, revenge. I remember reading a quote about anger.  Anger was like holding onto a burning hot piece of coal in order to throw it at the enemy.  In the end, the person that held onto anger  hurt themselves more than the other guy.

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Mata Leon. In Portuguese and Spanish, it means lion kill.  This is a very powerful choke.   I don’t know the japanese word for it.   The Mata Leon is when you get your arm in a vice grip around the throat and squeeze until unconsciousness.  The other arm blocks the opponent from escaping.   How romantic.   During this weeks fundamental class while relearning this move, Lesson 6, I had a flashback.   When I was a kid, Norm Miller,  http://www.judoinc.com/main/ji/Judo7.htm, invited another Judo club to our dojo for an in-house tournament.   This was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1978.   In the tournament, I defeated my opponent with the mata leon.   I wasn’t able to win with a throw.   The referee stopped the match.  The other kid was holding his throat and crying.  I felt bad about the crying.  They gave me a trophy.

A week later, at school, St. Mary’s, Elm Grove, Wisconsin, I had told someone about my judo win.  On the playground, my friends were asking me to try the mata leon out on them.  “Please..please..try it out on me,” they asked me.  I totally didn’t want to do it.   After a lot of nagging by this kid named, Danny Lipscome,  I gave in.  I put the choke on him.   He turned red, started choking, tears came running down his face.  I let him go.  He ran off as soon as I let him go.     A few minutes later, two nuns marched from across the parking lot and stopped right in front of me.  They were not pleased.  ” To the Office. Right Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  one screamed at me.   They wanted to expel me.   My mother was a teacher at St. Mary’s.  I told them I would NEVER do that again.   I was let off with a very stern warning.


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