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As I age, I realize that I can’t rely on power for much longer. Reliance needs to be on technique and mental clarity.

For the last couple of years, I would be able to handle three times a week but that fourth class, I would start feeling body aches. How can I increase training? I read on an MMA blog where they wrote about pacing themselves so they can train longer. I will test the pacing theory when I get back.

In the meantime, I’m working on flexibility, light cardio, push-ups and sit-ups. Breathing exercise, 10 breaths, in 15 secs, hold 15 sec, exhale 17 secs.

Glucosamine, joint health
Fish oil
Cayenne pepper pills, 40,000
Brazil nut, magnesium

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” I can train tommorrow. ”

Maybe you can? Maybe you cannot?

Sadly, about six months ago, I met a guy at Jiu Jitsu on Friday and he passed away the following Monday whom was at least ten years younger than me. This very next Jiu Jitsu class could be the last one or one of many. Who knows? Thinking that there is plenty of time for everything may not be correct.

Aside from Jiu Jitsu, if there is something you would regret not doing in your life, you should do it.

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two japanese samariThis week, I made it to Friday’s fundamentals class, the first class I attended in the month of June. The class was taught by Professor Jaoquim. As I drove to the dojo,  I did feel ashamed, but once I saw people I knew and started chatting I stopped worrying about purple belt. Nobody cares. I was over it. It was good to see the other students and catch up.

After missing 21 days of study, it was as if I hadn’t missed anytime off the mat. I was worried that I would forget.  During warm up drills, the information was in the subconscious mind and was retrieved when needed.

This was the first time I heard what were the expectations for a blue belt.  The main goals of blue belt was: 1) Defending from bottom mount. 2) Escaping from bottom mount. The Professors maybe evaluating the students while in the the classes.  Interestingly enough, Professor Joaquim mentioned that offensive strategy would not be taught until 2nd stripe Purple.

In order to practice defending from the bottom mount and escaping bottom mount, I will need to do a lot more sparring. Unfortunately, I will be leaving, again, soon for New York to help the family but I will be back mid July.

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20140224-070138.jpgWho knows what the next day will bring? The sun will rise. .

Last post, we were on vacation visiting the sister of my girlfriend in a town near Sleepy Hollow, New York. It was the same creepy place as the story of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

On the fifth day, Tuesday, the sister, 48 years old, had a stroke while in New York City. She had business downtown. Luckily, the sister arrived NYU Langone Hospital, acute stroke care unit in time to be stabilized. She was released on Friday. If she doesn’t get better in a month, some doctors want to operate. She will need physical therapy for walking and speech therapy. It was all shocking.

We may move to New York for the summer so as to help the sister and family, or until the sister returns to normal, such as being able to drive and look after her daughter. Her husband was not handling the change well. He’s job requires traveling which means he will not be home often.

If this all happens,  I won’t be training for a few months. There is a train station near by. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour, one way to get to NYC. I’m pretty happy with the Valente Brother’s School. I’m not sure about training in NYC, or other schools. I will probably just wait until I get back.

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See you next week. The family vacation was bad timing in regards to the belt ceremony. I do need to spend time with the family, especially the kids. When I support the family, they support me in my endeavors, such as, Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

Side note, I feel a lot more at easy walking around New York having Jiu Jitsu knowledge.



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Physical Body:
184 lbs, now 162 lbs
Before. tight, rigid body, now, because of stretching routine, becoming much more flexible.

Lifestyle Changes:
Last alcoholic beverage: April 18, 2013
Slowly converting to vegetarian. Not completely following Gracie Diet but desiring that goal.

Mental State:
More in control of emotions.  Developing Equanimity.


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This week in advanced grappling we worked on defense while being held in side mount. I worked out with a white belt, whose really a brown belt in judo from the late to early 1980’s.

We learned a technique on how to position our hands to prevent being choked. This self-defense method was to stop the attacker from grabbing the collar and or the lapel in order to execute a choke. Neither of us had learned this defense in judo.  While learning judo as a kid in the late 70s, I was told simply to grab the attackers hands while ground fighting and to tuck the chin to chest when about to be choked.  Nothing about tightening the neck. The hand grab technique seemed just to slow down the attacker while the other method,much better, was a step ahead by not allowing the attacker to get the hands in for the choke.


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This week in fundamentals, taught by Pedro Valente Jr, we learned a sequences starting with a defense against an open double collar grab, a throw, knee on belly, arm lock, full mount, and ended with a thumb down collar choke. I had missed a detail on the arm lock from knee on belly which I then learned.

After the instruction, the class watched a YouTube video of Rorion Gracie executing the collar choke on an aikido instructor, the one we just learned. Rorion Gracie defeated the instructor three times all with the same choke. I had seen this video a few times; however, this time the details, the Jiu Jitsu technique, was more apparent. The video made a lot of sense.


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Some weeks were better than others. This week in fundamentals, I felt that I executed the reviewed technique sloppy. The techniques shown were not new. My mind was some how Distracted and tired from lack of sleep, along with over confidence. I could do better. Once I let go of the ego, I did appreciate being corrected because it was constructive criticism. I did improve.


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Cleanliness matters. Clean mats, clean floors, clean bathrooms, clean locker room. As per above, Cleanliness has been the experience every time at the dojo.

Cleanliness of the self. Clean body. Clean kimono, clean mind, no bad language. No music. No thoughts of violence. Friendliness. Kindness. Respect.

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