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Some weeks were better than others. This week in fundamentals, I felt that I executed the reviewed technique sloppy. The techniques shown were not new. My mind was some how Distracted and tired from lack of sleep, along with over confidence. I could do better. Once I let go of the ego, I did appreciate being corrected because it was constructive criticism. I did improve.


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Cleanliness matters. Clean mats, clean floors, clean bathrooms, clean locker room. As per above, Cleanliness has been the experience every time at the dojo.

Cleanliness of the self. Clean body. Clean kimono, clean mind, no bad language. No music. No thoughts of violence. Friendliness. Kindness. Respect.

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I obtained the link from Grace Insider.  http://enews.gracieacademy.com/q/WsfsEOPJGTY3JetLl272zpxZofzwkQ5XisZQkoEreqdJJl8Q7MGx3S2Hs

For information purposes only.

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This week,  I completed three years of jiu jitsu study.  Unfortunately, I didn’t attend any class.  I had things to take care of and then mid week my car broke down.  I took the car to a mechanic..  Too many excuses.

I did take time to read about anger and start practicing what I am writing.  Basically, the goal of living anger free  is to move thinking away from selfish concerns and pick up on our natural state to wish good things for ourselves and for others.  It is possible that all human beings were  born in this natural state but life circumstance changed that state. With determination and persistence, it is possible to move our attention away from clinging to anger, hatred, ill will and towards the part of our mind that knows we all want  to be happy. It is also important to remind  ourselves that sincerely wishing for the best possible circumstances and outcomes for everyone is a better place for our attention to be.

Actions have consequences, good ones and bad ones. If we come to understand, we can minimize creating a life disappointment and increase our joy.  My responses are my actions. My choice of what to do.  The action I choice will follow me. If I live in resentment, or if I do an act of kindness, these become causes for future events and states of mind.  The action we choice are the only things we have a choice in.

Say the following for 28 days.  Picture and name the person that is causing the pain while reciting the following:

” May I be well, May I be happy. May I be free from harm and suffering. May all of my good purposes be fulfilled.”

” May { specific person } be well, may she/he be happy   May she/he be free from harm and suffering. May all of her/his good purposes be fulfilled.”

” May all beings be well.   May they be happy. May they be free from harm and suffering. May all their good purposes be fulfilled. “

If you keep at it, you can liberate yourself.  The path in the right direction.

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This week in advanced grappling, we worked on defense  from the guard.  Not escaping.  Submission wasn’t even covered yet.  During training I had a thought to myself.   During a fight, you have to be able to take a punch, it’s not realistic to think that couldn’t happen.  I didn’t mean engaging in give and take fighting.  A mistake and a strike gets through the defense.  More importantly, how to recover quickly and keep the defense up.

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As we worked on Esquima, a fighting drill from the clinch, I was totally detached from all the problems outside of class.  I was living completely in the moment.  Each class has required complete attention of the mind; however, the  mind would attempt to day dream or be distracted by chores I needed to do, or other problems..  When the mind wanders,  that was when problems started  arising in the mind and I would miss details.  According to buddhist monks that I follow on YouTube,  a wandering mind will lead to unhappiness. I have been trying to meditate, just sitting, not moving, for eight minutes, at night before bed, and focusing on breathing.  When you concentrate on breathing, the mind will stop wandering.

This may seem like non sense to some.  It has taken almost two hundred classes before I could stand at attention without swaying. I learned that swaying while standing at attention was an indication that the mind was not calm.   The slight swaying from one foot to the other was mainly due to back pain. I had terrible posture.  When the back was out of alignment, the back would pinch on a nerve causing pain. I have been working on improving my posture ever since my shoulder injury in October of 2012.  As the instructor would talk, I would have to focus on the mind to stop moving.  I had to bring my consciousness to this.

I noticed that I wasn’t moving in base, ninety degrees,  during technique review and I had bad balance. I always had good balance.   During esquima, I was hunched over so my practice partner lightly shoved me to the floor to show that I was vulnerable to an attack. Bad posture and back pain were related.  I need to correct these problems of the body.

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This week, I worked out with a Brazilian white belt that only had private lessons, one on one with  black belt instructors.  It seemed to me that even though he wore a white belt,  he was executing in the techniques review part of the class on level of an advanced blue belt.  Private lessons were a good way to learn. If I was not doing jiu jitsu as a hobby, it would be worth the investment to take private lessons.  So, I had never taken private lessons..  Even though I wasn’t learning one on one with the black belts, I felt that I was making jiu jitsu mine through the group classes, with all my mistakes and all.

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Here is a book list of ways to stay super healthy. Be your own doctor.

Gracie Diet
, Rorion Gracie  (BJJ Lifestyle)

” How to eat efficiently to obtain super health.”

Prostate Health in 90 Days
,  Larry Clapp, Phd, JD   ( Prostate Health)

” Don’t let them cut or fry yOur prostate! This proven, patient – tested program can restore vigorous health in 90 days. ”

Left for Dead
, By Dick Quinn  (Heart Health)

” After his heart attack and failed bypass, he saved his life and beat Heart Disease without drugs. You can, too!”

Biomarkers: The 10 Keys to Prolonging Vitality
, The 10 Determinants of Aging You Can Control By William Evans, P.H.D. and Irwin H Rosenberg, M.D. Professors of Nutrition and Medicine, Tufts University with Jacqueline Thompson    (Anti Aging)

”  A medically proven program that can slow down the aging process and add renewed strength and vitality to your life – no matter what your age!”

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The classes this week were overflowing with students from other schools. Royce Gracie was black belt testing his students at our dojo.  Pretty cool.  The visiting students fitted right in.

On Monday, December 9, there will be the Winter Belt Ceremony.  Red Belt Pedro Valente Sr will be present along with Royce.

In the fundamentals class,  I seeked out a higher belt for the class.  Normally, during technique review, the practice partner didn’t do any resistance, pure technique. Until that day,  I didn’t see the flaw in this.  Since we both knew the techniques well, the higher belt gave full resistance.  Most of the techniques worked but some didn’t because of sloppy technique.    It was a good reality check.

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Message from Helio Gracie himself, watch link:


1) Gracie Jiu Jitsu is for everyone, small, big, nonathletic, women, children.  Don’t be afraid to try it.

2) Food is our defense against disease.  The global food supply is not healthy.  The Gracie way of eating will keep you healthy.  Get a copy of the The Gracie Diet, Rorion Gracie, Amazon.com.

3) Jiu Jitsu brings peace and will make you a better person.


Note, I don’t make any money from this, zero, nor any money from this blog.  I am not paid to write this blog or told to write it.

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