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October 8, 2013. Miami Herald

” The stand your ground law was criticized after Zimmerman fatally shot 17-year-old Martin in the Orlando suburb of Sanford. Zimmerman, who claimed he was defending himself, was acquitted of second-degree murder in July. Days later protesters demanding changes to the stand your ground law began a 31-day sit-in at the Capitol.

Smith voted against the 2005 bill that created the law, and said that he still believes people should be required to retreat first, if possible, before using force against an attacker. But he said he worked with Simmons on areas where they can agree. Both senators attended hearings around the state to discuss the law.

“As we discussed stand your ground, we found that we have a lot of common ground,” Smith said. “We found that we agreed way more than we disagreed.”

Simmons said he wanted the bill to also clarify a provision of that law that states it doesn’t apply in cases where illegal activity is occurring. Simmons says that the language is intended to keep drug dealers or others committing crimes from using the defense, but some people are interpreting it too broadly.

That includes the argument that parking violations are illegal, or that immigrants that entered the country illegally should not be able to use the stand your ground defense, Simmons said, adding that immigration status shouldn’t be a factor in self-defense cases.”

• This article is from the Miami Herald dated October 8, 2013. For purpose of education and information only.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/08/3677466/senators-approve-tweaks-to-stand.html#emlnl=Afternoon_Update_Newsletter#storylink=cpy

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Fall back from the guard or pedalada?

A few weeks ago, I watched a video from Tosh.0, a comedy show, of a street fight between a kick boxer and a guy with no fight experience.  See link.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYSJWm90YQw    When ever I see a street fight on the news or else where, I like to look at the video to see how a jiu jitsu fighter would handle the attack.

We worked on the fall back from the guard this week, or another way of saying, how to throw an attacker back if they are standing over you.  As the practice attacker, a mistake I was making was standing too far back which would have made a real fall back from the guard difficult.  The attacker must be standing near the arm pits so that the ankles could be easily monkey gripped while the knees push forward on the attackers body which would cause the attacker to fall back.

Back to the video, the inexperienced guy was kicked in the face and was laying in the road, he needed to get to the gungoha position, or in English, sea saw position, a defensive position while on the back.   However, the attacker was actively pursing the defender whom was slightly stunned.  At one point, the attacker looked like he was going to mount the defender but ended up standing over the fallen guy.  I don’t think a throw back from the guard was possible.  I think a jiu jitsu fighter would have tried multiple kicks to the groin/stomach, in bjj, it’s called a pedalada, and then would have try to get back on the feet.   Also, note, the attacker was holding the guy’s arm, there was a possibility of an arm bar.

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Dr. Oz raves about this stuff. I don’t recommend the brand he is promoting because of the cost. I am trying to drop seven pounds. so, I am giving the green coffee bean a try. As per this Web MD website, in 22 weeks, you could lose 17 lbs without working out by taking a pill 30 minutes before eatting. I believe it inhibits the formation of cells into fat cells. The weight loss does sound to good to be true. I havent found any good articles in regards to side effects after all it is just a coffee bean except raw uncooked. I found this informative from Web MD, http://www.m.webmd.com/diet/news/20120328/green-coffee-beans-may-aid-weight-loss. The pill must have 45% or more of Chlorogenic Acid to work. The green coffee extract on the Dr. Oz show is for a 15 day supply. I don’t have the price but it could be $10 an up. So, it would cost over $100 for the full treatment. You can get a similar brand at Costco, $16, Diet Works, Green Coffee Extract, ” Clinically Tested Weight Management Formula.” 180 pills. It is a pill to be taken twice a day.

I dont need the full treatment. In the first week, I lost 1.5 lbs. My appetite was also suppressed. What is important to keep in mind, is that this is a 22 week program.

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At the fundamentals class on Wednesday, I was very rusty. I need to go back and apply myself to the fundamental program. My practice partner, a three stripe purple belt, made me humbled. Also, Gui noticed that I had fallen back. Most fights are won with fundamental technique. The advanced class was double the lessons of fundamentals, almost overwhelming. The Helio Gracie Tournament, a techniques tournament, is in October, maybe I should focus on that?

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On Tuesday, we practiced submissions from the side mount. During the review part of class,  I practiced the clock choke; however, I couldn’t remember the counter move.  I will ask for help next class.  Upon arrival, there was a new group.  The last big group of vistors was from Qatar.  It was a good experience. I worked out with Mohammad, a blue belt, from the U.A.E.  I was impressed at the end of class when he said that he liked our school enough to want to move to North Miami Beach. That says a lot.

Over all, I had a very unproductive week. I didn’t do any jiu jitsu, except Tuesday, Iyengar yoga, nor work out from Wednesday on, dental appointment, sick kid, etc.

To be honest, I need to get tougher mentally. I really don’t want to give up. I know deep down that would be a mistake.  I’m reading a book called ”  Mastery,” by George Leonard.  The book has helped to see clearly where I am going.   The book, Mastery, should be a must read for the Gracie Jiu Jitsu student along with the Gracie diet.

Longevity – I upped my omega three dosages to 10 grams a day.  I am hoping to reverse any brain damage I may have caused it. Also, I started taking CLA and Probiotic.

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I had a great class on Tuesday, the advanced grappling. We worked on a pin and a technique to maintain it. I am feeling confident I could keep the Russian strongman pinned with the technique we just learned, unless he out smarted me. It is a fact that Russian’s are great fans of chess which jiu jitsu is similar. I have to depend on technique. Professor Pedro is going to teach the nine pins in the coming weeks which is something I knew about when I was a kid, they didnt teach everything at onetime, but wanted to learn but didn’t. So, I am looking forward to the coming weeks. That was the only class I could make because of the flu. I got it from my kids.

Anti aging stuff. I wouldn’t recommend Flex-a-min double strength, glucosamine. I’m now trying Kirkland Glucosamine HCI 1500mg with MSM 1500mg, 375 tablets, 2 times a day. This has 3x MSM than flexamin and it was 3 tablets a day. Side note, Costco, besides selling cheapest gas in the area, they have great supplements at low prices.

I started taking two baby aspirin, Kirkland, 162 mg, at bed time. There are some risks which you should consult a doctor before starting this.

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Due to shoulder problems, I have to make some changes to my training schedule.  Sometimes I forget, or want to forget, that I am 44 years old and not 24. Without any doubt, it is very important to be warmed up before sparring. If not, I shouldnt do it. For the next two weeks, I want to take fundamental classes only. For now, I will stay away from sparring and throwing until I am healthy.

I added vitamin c and saint John’s wort to my daily pill schedule. Also, I learned how to prepare green tea the right way. The way I prepared green tea before was barely drinkable and I wasnt getting the benefit.

I had to cool it down on the weight lifting. It is frustrating to move forward then to get set back.

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One of my goals for 2013 is to use science to improve my health. Even with a healthy diet, according to Dr. Oz, food today still lacks the mineral and vitamins of food grown 100 years because the soil has being depleted. Supplements are a low cost investment with big returns.

Below is what I take every day in addition to a healthy diet along with exercise.

Optimal Health

1) Multi Vitamin.
Product: Men’s Alive
2) Joint and Ligament
Product: Flexamin Double Strength. I will switch to Animal Flex, a better supplement, when my supplies run out.
3) Brain and Arteries
Product: 365 Wholefoods omega 3, fish oil with dha
4) Whey Protein
Product: Joe Robby Whey protein.

Longevity Health

Focus : heart, brain, and bone.

I obtained the below information from a medical doctor. I take these supplements daily as well.

1) Heart
Product: Hawthorne Berry Extract, Increase oxygen to the heart and repairs heart muscle.

2) Brain, protects memory cells
Product: vinopcetine

3) Bone, strengthens bone and repairs.
Product: calcium derived from plants. Not from rock.

I will up date the list in a few months if I add a new supplement or find a better product.

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This week completes one year as a blue belt.  I have two stripes. I need two more and the approval of the instructors for purple belt, hopefully, I would get it at the next Winter Ceremony.

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What would you do if you were violently grabbed from behind in a bear hug over your arms??? The answer is a throw.   Note,  I had this lesson a few times and today the fundamental lesson finally sunk into my thick skull.  Also, I was back working out with the heavy weights, someone that out weighs me by more than 50 lbs. My partner was Alex, a Romanian Black Jack dealer at the Hard Rock Casino.

Like a guy with a grudge, bam!, into my back, he’s got me in a Grizzle bear hug, my arms were locked down, and I felt that I may be body slammed if I don’t act quickly.  Just like I was taught, I quickly base out. I drop down and curled my arms.  My shoulders wobbled a little bit as he thrashed me side to side.  I shrugged my shoulders up, it gives the space I need, I  step to one side, all in seconds, I then slip my front left leg behind his back knees. From my semi crouched position, I stood up quickly while grabbing his pant legs at his knees while dumping him over my shoulder.  I launched him, off over my back shoulder with velocity, right into the mat.  Actually, I stopped while I had him in the air.

Of course, nobody was injured.   We didn’t actually execute the throw.  This was a typical fundamental’s class.

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